10 hairstyles to show off your earrings

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10 hairstyles to show off your earrings

Something that seems very obvious, but, however, often goes unnoticed, is the fact of knowing how to harmonically combine a beautiful hairstyle by showing off your earrings.

Maybe at first glance they don’t look so bad when the choice is not the right one, but sooner or later people will start to notice that something is wrong with your look.

In short, the matter is not something that is difficult to resolve. If you love earrings either because they are very pretty, or they are a gift from a very close person or simply because they asked you to wear them for a special occasion; What you should do is select which type of hairstyle is the best for you.

Just as you should be careful when selecting earrings according to your face type, you should also do it with your hairstyle; or vice versa. You shouldn’t, for example, wear small, round earrings if your face is round; nor wear straight and long earrings if your face is equally elongated. Something similar happens with hairstyles.

Taking this into consideration, we are going to select the 10 best combinations of hairstyles and earrings so that you know how to choose the one that suits you best and avoid a mistake in your outfit.

1. The high, medium or low bun hairstyle

This type of hairstyle is very versatile, it has the particularity of gathering all the hair either towards the back of the head or towards the top.

It exposes the entire face, allowing the earring you are wearing to be clearly appreciated, no matter what its size. In this case, if you wear a bow, you can wear an earring that matches the rest of your look.

Ideal hairstyle to show off your earrings

2. Ponytail cut

It allows you to deliciously display earrings that are oversized. Regardless of how high your ponytail is, big, showy earrings will look great and won’t go unnoticed for anything in the world.

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3. Show off your earrings with medium hair

Medium hair is the ideal hairstyle length to show off discreetly insinuated or large and striking earrings. The selection for this type of hairstyle will depend more on the look that is being worn as a whole, that is; from footwear to the rest of the accessories.

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4. Wet hair and slicked back to show off your earrings

Since this style exposes the entire face as well as the ears, long, segmented earrings could be a great option. The color is going to depend a little more on the rest of the outfit so that you can make your look totally harmonious.

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5. Hairstyle with a side parting

This cut only shows one of the earrings, since the hair is divided in such a way that it shows one side of the face while hiding the other. Medium sized earrings look great with this style.

10 hairstyles to show off your earrings

6. Braided headband hairstyle

Due to their sophisticated air, the discreet and small earrings combine perfectly with this look. It is more interesting if the earrings are made to have a color close to the tone of the hair.

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7. Long and loose hair

Due to the characteristics of this style, it would not be convenient to wear long earrings because they would tend to get tangled up with the hair. For this reason, preferably, you should opt for medium ones or even those that adhere to the earlobe.

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8. Option of hair with bangs to show off your earrings

It is the option that is trending, because it brings together in a single style the preferences of both women who opt for a somewhat conservative look and those who prefer to wear a slightly more casual outfit. For this type of style, the earrings must accompany the rest of the proposal; small for the discreet and long and striking for the more liberal and daring.

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9. Short hair and its hairstyle options

The short length of the hair will always be favored with medium or small earrings that accompany it, because that way the harmony in the face will be maintained.

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10. The ponytail hairstyle, an option always in force

Depending on the length of the ponytail, medium or long earrings will combine wonderfully. In this case, it is advisable to avoid small or very discreet earrings because they reduce the showiness of the face.

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