10 healthy foods you’ve been eating wrong

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10 healthy foods youve been eating wrong

‘Let food be your food and food your medicine’. This saying sounds very appropriate when it comes to eat healthy food. But sometimes we get sick even after eating these healthy foods.

The reason behind this unsolved puzzle is the way we eat them. Yes, you heard right. All natural foods are loaded with nutrients and minerals, but we mess up the nutritional content by cooking it wrong.

10 Healthy Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong This Whole Time

Today, we share 10 of those healthy foods that are good for the human body, but which we have generally eaten or cooked poorly.

eat raw tomatoes

Raw vegetables are good, but some vegetables are better when cooked. Cooking tomatoes actually makes them healthier. Cooked tomatoes reportedly contain four times more lycopene to be absorbed into the blood compared to raw tomatoes. Cooked tomatoes are also a potent cancer-fighting food.

Throw pineapple core

If you find it tasteless and think that it is of no use, then you are very wrong. The core of the pineapple is the core of nutrients; you can use it to get some extra bromelain, which reduces inflammation. So the next time you cut the pineapple, don’t throw out the core.

Throw out the seeds of hot peppers

We agree that they are spicy, but they are just as good for the gut when consumed in limited amounts. Throwing away the seeds reduces the nutritional value of the peppers.

Do not let the garlic and onion rest before cooking

From a health point of view, it is necessary to let vegetables such as garlic and onion rest after chopping, no matter how much it hurts your eyes. According to health experts, cancer-fighting compounds and flavonoids are activated only when cell walls are broken by cutting or chopping. So when you put them in the wok directly, the reaction stops and you get zero benefit.

Fresh or dried aromatic herbs are not the same

Herbs are always good when eaten raw or used as flavor enhancers in recipes. But considering that fresh and dried herbs are equal in terms of nutrients is a myth. Fresh herbs are more aromatic and effective, and they complement each other better when tempered with lard or butter. Dried herbs are good for marinades though, as they mix well with salt and other spices and it’s easy to combine all of those flavors.

Avoid citrus pulp

This is the most common practice followed by all of us. In general, we avoid the pulp of citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges. The peels contain more flavonoids and fiber than the pulp. According to chefs and skin experts, you can use them for recipes and even to nourish the skin.

Pull stems from broccoli and cauliflower

When you throw away broccoli and cauliflower stems, you actually throw away a lot of nutrients. According to health experts, the stems have more fiber, vitamin C and calcium than the florets we prefer.

saute broccoli

Broccoli is staple to a stir fry recipe, but it really shouldn’t be. According to a Chinese study, stir-fried broccoli has 24 percent less vitamin C and soluble protein. Try steaming the broccoli and mixing it with the other ingredients to sauté at the end.

boil the vegetables

When you boil vegetables, you also boil nutrients and therefore eating them with salt and pepper adds no value to your health. It is always suggested to steam or semi-cook them in healthy oil with spices; not only does it add flavor, but it also keeps the nutrients intact.

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