10 ideas to do at home

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10 ideas to do at home

Build your own furniture and customize it to your liking. do it besides using recycled materials and at a very low cost, it is a more than tempting idea. For this reason, more and more people are joining the fashion to make furniture with pallets.

Pallets are a very easy to find and very cheap material. with which we can make endless different furniture with pallets
For to make a piece of furniture with a pallet and that it really looks good, it is necessary to carry out previous work such as sanding and varnishingto obtain a good finish in this way.

Today we bring you 10 pallet furniture ideas that you can make yourself:


Auxiliary table with pallet

The tables made with pallets were perhaps the pioneers in this new decorative trend.
They really are easy to make although there are many possible variations when building them.
To make a simple low table you will only need 1 pallet and 4 wheels for the legs. You must properly sand the wood and apply a coat of varnish or paint.

bed with pallets

Bed reusing pallets

Another of the best-known pallet furniture is the bed. If they started out as a cheap resource for students they have now been raised to a new decorative level.
Making a bed frame with pallets is simple. You will need 2 pallets for a single bed and 4 pallets for a double bed.

pallet headboards

recycled headboard

Although your bed is not made of pallets, you can add a headboard made with this material, in fact it has become one of the most in-demand decorative objects.
It is one of the easiest pallet furniture to make although as we have said before there are many different designs. Some simpler than others.

Bottle rack with pallet

Bottle rack

I like furniture with practical pallets and this one is, it is also very decorative.
In addition to a support for the bottles, it has slots to hang the glasses.

shoe rack with pallets

Shoe rack with recycled pallets

Another of the most practical pallet furniture is this shoe rack. You can use it simply by sanding and varnishing the pallet, supporting it on a wall.
The shoes are inserted between the separation of the boards.
If you want to do something more sophisticated, you can make a little stool with pallets where, in addition to storing your shoes, you can sit down to take off your shoes. Ideal for large hallways.

tv table with pallets

TV table

With a technique very similar to that of the low table, you can make a piece of furniture with pallets for the television.
In this version, on the other hand, being narrower, you will be able to split the pallets in half for its construction, so you will need fewer pallets.

sofa with pallets

Sofa reusing pallets

This type of sofa is perfect for outdoors, in fact it is widely used as garden furniture.
You will need several pallets to do it, although it depends on the size of the sofa you need.
The easiest to make is the chill-out type bench, which does not require a backrest.

planter with pallets


Pallet planters greatly adorn a patio or a terrace. You can varnish or paint it, white is very pretty.
Building it is very simple, you will only need a pallet that we will divide into 3 parts, and then join the different pieces with nails or wood glue.

pallet rack

Coat rack

There are many variants of coat racks with pallets. The simplest is to directly cut the pallet to the size you want and screw the hangers that you can find in any bazaar or hardware store.
There are those who hang the entire pallet from the wall and there are those who disassemble it and join the boards.

shelf with pallet


In the same way that we made the bottle rack, you can get some nice shelves, although the same pallet hides a ready-made shelf inside.
We will only have to remove the boards from one of the sides of the pallet and we will have a 3-shelf shelf ready to hang.
As you may have noticed, there are thousands of possibilities when it comes to making furniture with pallets, you just need some time, a few pallets and a lot of desire to create your own furniture. You dare?

Writing: Lucid Life Team

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