10 Layered Long Bob Cut Ideas

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10 Layered Long Bob Cut Ideas

When we decide to make a makeover, choosing the haircut that would suit us, really, instead of being a pleasant experience, it becomes an odyssey because among so many options, it is difficult for us to know which one will be the most appropriate. Have you heard about the bob cut? You should know that this is one of the trending cuts for women.

The bob cut is a style that can be perfectly adapted to the type of hair you have, be it short or long. In addition, it is characterized by providing ease when combing and allows you to have a beautiful movement when you turn your head.

So, with this type of haircut you will be the sensation wherever you go.

In this sense, to achieve an incredible change of look, follow the different ideas that we present to you from long layered bob cut. If it is about changing our image style, this type of haircut is the best alternative that you can consider.

Long Layered Bob Cut Style

Next, we present a series of options or alternatives that you can take into account if you want to make a beautiful makeover. In addition, with this style of haircut you can have a wide variety of ways to style your hair.

1. Asymmetrical bob style for your hair

This type of cut is great for your hair. You can choose it in line A or graduated, they differ in length. This type of long layered bob is recommended if you have a lot of texture in your hair, otherwise you will not have the effect you want to achieve with your hair.

two. The long Bob or Lob cut

It is a type of elegant cut and provides a lot of versatility to achieve different hairstyles. In addition, it is an ideal option to combine it with long bangs.

Bob cut and blonde dyed hair

3. Bob cut accompanied with fringe length

If you have a round face, this type of cut can be a good alternative for you.

You can accompany it with a fringe. In this way you can make your face look slim. This is why this type of haircut has been considered a preference for women.

Woman with bob cut and bangs

Four. Long bob style and a blonde balayage tone

If you are tired of your same look and want to achieve a unique style, this may be the alternative you are looking for.

This type of cut and style adapts to all types of faces and you can also perfectly accompany it with a blonde balayage, which will look beautiful.

Woman with a long bob cut and a blonde balayage tone

5. The undercut accompanied with the long layered bob cut

The shaved style is perfect with the long layered bob cut. In this way you can achieve a very daring and original look.

So this may be the option that best suits that change of look you want to achieve, as it is rebellious and sophisticated at the same time.

layered bob cut

6. Style with curly hair

If you have wavy or curly hair, the bob cut is a good option. This type of cut will give you the style you need, allowing you to achieve the hairstyle you want.

bob wavy hair

7. Bob style and a tone ombre from purple to gray

The bob cut is a perfect style to wear the hair in the tone you want, as in the case of shades of purple to gray. That’s why this kind of long layered bob cutis one of the best options for women today.

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8. Long Layered Bob Cut with Chocolate Rooted Blonde Colored Hair

This type of cut on blonde hair with chocolate roots will offer you a style with great originality and beauty. So if you want a risky and interesting change of image, this type of cuts with this style will make you look and give the image you are looking for exactly.

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9. Style with dark highlights

The dark streaks in long layered bob cut It is a great alternative when it comes to turning the way we look. In this way you can highlight your features, looking beautiful and spectacular wherever you go.

Woman with a bob cut

10. The cut style and an orange hue

The bob cut is a type of cut that gives your hair the volume it needs.

To get a proper change of look, you can make a great combination with an orange shade and achieve a radical and perfect style.

Do not forget that this type of cuts come well with any type of face. So dare to try a change of look like this.

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