10 recommended hairstyles if you wear glasses

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10 recommended hairstyles if you wear glasses

For some time now, the use of glasses in both men and women has ceased to be an instrument to correct vision and has become almost another accessory used to shape a look.

So much so, that if you wear glasses this does not necessarily imply that they have some type of graduation. You can also use it as a complement to the air that you want to transmit, either as the intellectual type, the modern, the sophisticated and in short; the one you fancy.

What you do have to pay attention to is the type of hairstyle you have to wear if you wear glasses so that it matches them. Details such as the size, shape and even the color of the lenses should be evaluated when combing your hair.

In attention to this important detail, we suggest 10 hairstyles that will make a perfect combination.

1. Midi hairstyles to wear with glasses

Wearing a medium length of hair greatly favors looks for frames that are somewhat small in size. This is because it makes the attention divert more towards the type of hairstyle than towards the frame, leaving this as an addition to the frame of the face that makes the hair.

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2. Hairstyles with bun or collected hair

If you are going to wear glasses and these have butterfly-shaped frames, the hairstyles that most favor you are those that have your hair tied up; either in a bow or with a crochet or something similar.

As this type of mount has a certain vintage air, you should not give in to the temptation to accompany it with a hairstyle of the same style.

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3. Stepped hairstyles for short hair to wear with glasses

These styles are the ones that are recommended if you are going to wear small round glasses. It allows you to appreciate the shape that the glasses give to the face and adds an air of innocence and lollypop girl.

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4. Tiered hairstyles for long hair

It is the most flattering if you wear large square frame glasses, because it complements an intellectual person’s look that makes the person look very interesting.

It would be superb if accompanied by somewhat conservative clothing.

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5. Hairstyles with bangs to wear with glasses

They are the ones that best accompany oval-shaped lenses, since they contribute to the framing of the face, freshness and freshness. It is the perfect combination for those girls who are out of adolescence, and intend to mature their look with other alternatives.

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6. Hairstyles with long hair and waves

If you wear aviator glasses, this is the hairstyle that suits you best.

The look that inspires this combination is that of a bold woman, who knows what she wants and is not easily intimidated. She associates with ladies who like extreme sports and are not afraid to take risks.

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7. Hairstyles short hair

Women who have already entered middle age, greatly appreciate the variety of alternatives that stylists offer when they choose to wear their hair quite short.

On the one hand, they provide a youthful air without falling into extremism; especially if they accompany a face that wears round glasses with large frames.

10 recommended hairstyles if you wear glasses

8. Hairstyles for short gray hair

Women who are over fifty should look for the look that makes manifest that thriving energy that characterizes them.

A fairly short haircut achieves this task, if it is complemented with dark glasses that contrast with the color of the hair; and have an intermediate size. That is, neither too big nor too small.

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9. Asymmetrical Hairstyles

Almost any type of glasses can be worn with these types of hairstyles, the younger ones do wonderfully because of the air of retracement they transmit, typical of girls who have already passed adolescence and are heading towards personal independence.

For those who like to experiment, a cat eye frame would be a daring option.

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10. Hairstyles with waves

Waves are so versatile that they can be worn on all hair lengths. The lenses that combine perfectly with the waves are those that are associated more with the type of face than with the waves themselves.

If you want to combine glasses with your wavy hair, look for the model that matches the shape of your face and the length of your hair.

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