10 rules to perfect mashed potatoes

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10 rules to perfect mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes used to be a featured meal at our gatherings, but lately it seems to have lost its shine. What happened to our favorite potato food? Our guess is that there are about one million There are plenty of ways mashed potatoes can go wrong, so it’s pretty easy to get their presentation ruined in a recipe lacking good ingredients and good taste.

Follow these sacred rules, and you will never be disappointed in the taste of mashed potatoes in the best style.

1. You must use the correct potatoes

Not all tubers are created equal when it comes to mashed potatoes. Potatoes are classified into three categories: starchy, waxy, and all-purpose. With those of starch a creamy puree is obtained. Yukon golds are buttery in texture (and golden in color) so are preferable, but Russets (also known as Idaho potatoes) are also good.

2. You must cut them the same size

Potatoes cut into different sizes will cook at different speeds, so some will be cooked through while others will still be tough. To avoid this, you should cut pieces of the same size, start them in cold water and simmer until they are well cooked.

3. Remove excess moisture

mashed potatoes

There are some tricks for the consistency of the puree to be smooth and creamy, one of which is characterized by removing excess moisture from the potatoes and cooking them again for a few more minutes, so that all the moisture in the potatoes can evaporate. . In this way you will prevent the preparation of the puree from losing its consistency as a result of the water released by the potatoes and you will obtain a better, creamier preparation.

4. It is not advisable to step on them for too long

When adding other ingredients to the potatoes to give it a creamier touch, such as cream, it is not recommended to beat too much, the ideal is to know how to measure the right touch to mix them, to prevent it from looking like a smoothie.

5. Do not add cream or cold milk

If you are going to add organic milk to the mashed potatoes (if you are vegetarian or vegan you can opt for coconut milk which usually also has a creamy consistency) it is recommended that it be lukewarm so that the potato can better incorporate its flavors and that way they look good mixed flavors and consistencies.

6. Use a suitable potato masher

You don’t need to use a food processor to mash the potatoes. Because potatoes contain starch, it is not advisable, as we already mentioned, to mix them too much because the consistency can become sticky, so we will need a suitable potato masher, especially common potato mashers are usually the most suitable.

7. Knowing how to give a touch of flavor to the purée

Mashed potatoes can be perfect on their own, but adding a little butter can give it a touch of different flavor, a sprinkle of green onions or a favorite cheese can make it taste very different. Also adding spices such as nutmeg or pepper will give a highly recommended spicy touch to the puree.

8. Eat freshly prepared mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes always taste best when fresh, and they never taste as good when reheated. To enjoy it right away, this dish should be one of the last to be prepared, and to have a better organized kitchen, you can choose to leave the ingredients ready to be mixed at the end of the other preparations and dishes.

9. Use the right salt

To give it a warmer flavor and enhance the other flavors, use sea salt, because of its properties it is more recommended than common table salt, which can be a very harmful product for the body. Giving it the ideal touch of salt is also part of a perfect recipe, you should taste its flavor as you add the salt to avoid overdoing it.

Writing: Lucid Life Team

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