10 uses of neutral soap at home

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10 uses of neutral soap at home

A bar of neutral soap can have more uses than just helping us clean clothes. These are some of the favorite uses where neutral soap is used in the home.

Properties of neutral soap

The properties of neutral soap can be considered beneficial in some cases for skin care because its pH is similar to that of our skin.and since they are not altered with dyes or perfumes, which are what can make the soap more acidic than the skin can tolerate, they remain neutral and can be more suitable for the body.

However, the properties of neutral soap for use in the kitchen or home can be many, from a natural solution to prevent bad odors to solving problems of stuck doors and drawers that do not slide easily.

Neutral soap to keep household objects in good condition

Protects glass, door handles, hardware, glass doors and switch plates when coating paint with neutral soap foam.

Avoid the noise of the doors with neutral soap

You can avoid the annoying noise of locks and handles simply by applying neutral soap. Put wet soap between the door frame and the hinge, and rock the door back and forth. You can also rub the soap directly on the hinge to remove the annoying squeak.

Various uses of neutral soap in the kitchen

  1. Place unpackaged neutral soap in empty drawers, cabinets and suitcases to avoid musty odors.
  2. To stop squeaking in floorboards, you can add a bit of wet soap in the cracks between the boards and this will stop them from rattling.
  3. To loosen the rigid lock on the door, lubricate it by rubbing with neutral soap.
  4. Loosen a tight ring with the soap by rubbing your finger. The ring will slide off easily when you wash your hands.
  5. Neutral soap is an excellent glass cleaneryou can use it to clean your glasses, just apply soap on them and rub them with a cloth.

More uses of neutral soap

6. Detect gas leaks by mixing neutral soap with water and rubbing them on suspected pipe joints. If bubbles form, they may indicate a leak.

7. Drive nails easier with less risk of wood splitting, just pre-rub it on the wood.

8. Lubricate the metal rails to make desk drawers slide better.

9. To lubricate a zipper, you can rub neutral soap on both sides while it is closed, and then lower the zipper and rub the soap on the open teeth of the zipper, these are just some of the alternative uses that neutral soap can have In the home.

10. To make a drawer slide more smoothly and quietly, did you know that you can use neutral soap to achieve this? if you rub both sides of the rails and the bottom of the drawer with neutral soap you will notice a big difference.

Writing: Lucid Life Team

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