14 uses you can give to used ground coffee

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14 uses you can give to used ground coffee

You’ll be amazed at how many things you can do with leftover morning coffee.. So, once your coffee maker is done giving it its all with that aromatic and delicious coffee in the morning, don’t throw it away. We suggest that you continue reading to see everything you can do by reusing the remains that have remained in the filter.

14 uses you can give to used ground coffee

you can give the coffee used at least 14 interesting uses that will make you really think, that it is worth that delicious quality coffee that you have recently acquired, and that it hurts you to have to throw it away, intuiting that perhaps you could get more out of it.

Well, you were not wrong, you can continue taking advantage of it in the following ways and more, such as, for example, continue tasting its exquisite flavor in other ways besides coffee; manufacturing cleaning products, for beauty, the garden, and you will not believe the innovative artistic things that you can also do with used coffee. So, if you are someone creative, read on to take notes, perhaps in the process you will come up with more projects to do that you will have to share with us later.

Plan your coffee afternoons with the remains of the morning coffee

Yes, you’ve probably heard the advice to use the leftover coffee to put it in ice cube trays and freeze it. But take it a step further by adding a pinch of cinnamon as an extra, then pop the coffee-cinnamon ice cubes into a glass of your favorite healthy milk.

Use leftover coffee to make popsicles

coffee popsicles

This iced coffee popsicle could just replace your afternoon at your favorite coffee shop, and it only takes a few minutes to throw together. What do you need? Three cups of leftover brewed coffee, ¾ cup of coconut milk, and 1/3 cup of organic sugar. Mix until the sugar dissolves, pour into a mold, freeze, and enjoy.

The remaining morning coffee a resource for artists

art with ground coffee

Take a brush or give one to your child, dip it into the last cold quarter inch of coffee left in your cup, and start unleashing your creativity. In this there are no limits!

Make natural coffee grinder cleaners for your sink grinder

cleansers with coffee

These in-sink garbage disposal cleaners and fresheners are handy to make. In this case, what is reused are the used coffee beans. These flavoring cleaners, in addition to doing that function, also sharpen the blades of the disposer. Do you want to know how to make them? Check out our article: Natural Coffee Ground Cleaners for the Sink Grinder.

Remove white stains from your wooden furniture with coffee

coffee stain remover

Coffee leaves stains, as we all know, but instead of bemoaning those stains, how about relocating them elsewhere by putting color exactly where you want it. Simply dip a cotton swab into the leftover coffee in the filter, then rub it on dark wood furniture to minimize light stains from scratches and other blemishes.

Exfoliate your skin by reusing your morning coffee

soaps with ground coffee

If you like the smell of filtered coffee, you can use leftover coffee makers in this project. These are handmade soaps. All you need to make these cute, square scented bars shown here is a bunch of mini-soaps (you know, all the ones you’ve saved from hotels) and a mold. The bonus: they make a nice gift for your celebrations. You can see the step by step in the link: How to make soap with used ground coffee.

Give a white sheet an antique parchment finish

sheets stained with coffee

Prepare a rectangular mold with water mixed with the coffee, then dip a couple of sheets of white paper in the mixture. Let them sit for a couple of minutes, then remove. Let them dry completely (pinning them on a clothesline works well) and shake off any excess grain.

Use coffee as a fertilizer on plants that like acidic soil

fertilizer for flowers with ground coffee

Plants like azaleas (shown here) and rose bushes don’t mind a bit of caffeine, as they like the acidic soil that coffee provides, along with the nitrogen, phosphorus, and trace elements. But don’t overdo it: Just scatter 3/4 cup into deep soil near the plant’s roots once a month or less. This creates a high-quality compost that won’t harm your plants if you do it carefully.

Clean your pots and pans by reusing the ground coffee of the day

degreaser with ground coffee

Here’s a great tip: ground coffee is gritty but not too abrasive, and it attracts and absorbs fat. Add a bit of dish soap and it will come in handy on kitchen utensils or even for removing layers of old grease on the oven and pans.

Prepare a skin scrub with ground coffee

scrub with ground coffee

As we all know, coffee contains caffeine and antioxidants that are effective in lightening the appearance of cellulite in the short term. Additionally, caffeine acts as a stimulant, dilating blood vessels, which temporarily tones and tightens tissues. Do you want to prepare your own scrub with ground coffee? Read our article: Coffee scrub to reduce cellulite.

Other uses that can be given to ground coffee

  • Eliminates food odors on your hands. Rub your hands with a tablespoon of ground coffee to remove the smell of fish or garlic.
  • Clean your chimney. Sweeping ashes from your fireplace is a chore that turns into a big cleaning problem: Ashes and dust fly everywhere. So before sweeping up the ashes, cover them with the wet coffee powder to prevent the dust from rising. Sounds like it’s time for another cup of coffee.
  • It is used to dye your fabrics and give them an old touch. Simply place what you want to dye in a pan of water that you previously boiled with coffee. You turn it off and place the fabric, let it rest for as long as you consider necessary. Once the desired time has passed, you take the fabric out and wash it very well with cold water. The fabric must have taken on that aged hue. If you want a more intense color, put the fabric back in the coffee water until you finally achieve the desired shade.
  • How to get rid of the smell of burnt food in the oven using coffee. Just add two tablespoons of the used leftover coffee powder to a half cup of water and heat for a minute in the microwave (it acts as a natural deodorant). If the burning smell persists, repeat. You can also deodorize your refrigerator. Put the coffee powder that you are going to reuse in a nylon bag or porous bag hidden in the back of the refrigerator, that serves to neutralize odors.

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