15 ways to use olive oil that you did not know

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15 ways to use olive oil that you did not

Olive oil has been a staple of the Mediterranean diet for centuries. All international cuisines use it. But beyond its ability to add fresh notes to foods, olive oil is touted as a cure-all for the body.

Ways to use olive oil

Because it is relatively low in saturated fat, it has become the solution for those who are concerned about their cholesterol level. However, this wonderful oil provides many other benefits, so we bring you 15 ways to use olive oil that you were probably completely unaware of.

1. Moisturize the skin

One of the properties of olive oil is to moisturize the skin. It is perfect for refreshing the face and fighting dryness throughout the body. To test its effectiveness, all you need to do is use a few drops and spread it all over your body. The best way to apply olive oil is to do it at least twice a day, or as needed.

2. Naturally removes makeup

Olive oil can also be used as a natural makeup remover. And best of all, it works for any skin type and is usually very effective. Its use will help you remove makeup. Of course, care must be taken around the eyes, as contact could cause a harmful reaction.

3. Serves as a base for shaving

This benefit works for both men and women. Apply a little olive oil to your face, legs, or any area you wish to shave. It is useful since the razor will glide better, causing less irritation and redness.

4. Clean your pots

Clean pots with olive oil

Olive oil can be used to clean pots and other types of stainless steel cookware. All you need to do is apply a few drops of oil to the surface of the pot and rub it with some kind of cloth for a few minutes.

Then you can gently rinse and continue washing with dish soap, as you normally do. This makes it easier to clean both pots and pans.

5. Clean your stove

Similarly, olive oil can also be used as a stovetop cleaner because it helps remove stubborn grease and grime that builds up in certain areas. In this case, do the same thing you did with the pots: all you need to do is apply a few drops to the surface of the stove and rub with a cloth, then wash with soap and rinse. You will see that your stove will be shiny.

6. Improve the discomfort of your throat

If you are experiencing throat irritation or any kind of discomfort, you can drink a teaspoon of olive oil. This will make you feel better, and in some cases, will significantly reduce irritation and pain. If you are suffering from the flu, you can also combine with a little honey if you wish.

7. It is a natural lubricant

Since this is an oil, it works as a natural lubricant that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, it is used for the lubrication of squeaky doors or windows; stuck zippers on pants, jackets or bags, or any other piece of metal that produces constant friction.

8. Clean your furniture

Another alternative use for olive oil is as a cleaner for leather or wood furniture. In addition to cleaning, this oil makes them look shinier, so it gives a great finish. To do this, apply a few drops to a clean cloth and rub on the surface of the furniture.

9. It is a natural degreaser

Olive oil can help you remove grease stains caused by industrial products, or some petroleum derivative. To do this, mix a little olive oil with salt and rub it on the grease stain.

10. Clean your shoes

Learn to clean your shoes with olive oil

Nobody knows what kind of chemicals that expose your health make up the shoe polish. There’s a better way to make your shoes shine, and it’s 100% natural. Moisten a cloth with a little oil and polish them until they shine.

11. Relax your body

Take a weekly deep relaxing bath by adding a little oil to the hot water mixture. Your skin will thank you and you will never feel more relaxed. Add about 4 drops of olive oil in the water for extra soft skin.

12. Moisturize your hair

The benefits of using olive oil for your hair are amazing. Try this trick before you splash out on a bundled version. Use a few tablespoons of oil to dampen your hair and massage it all over your scalp, right down to the ends. Leave on for 30-60 minutes. Then take out the oil and you will see that your hair will shine more than ever.

13. Decreases ear pain

Earaches are unpleasant, however a little olive oil can help with the pain. Put the bottle of olive oil in warm water for a few minutes until the oil warms up a bit. Pour a couple of drops into the ear and the pain will go away.

14. Use as a lice treatment

Olive oil is a great natural lice treatment, as it helps break down the critters’ outer shell, and kills any remaining resistant parasites. Pour olive oil on dry hair; be generous with it, and comb out the lice with the special comb. Then put on a shower cap and leave your hair covered for eight hours. Then coat the hair in apple cider vinegar, leave overnight, and comb through the remaining eggs.

15. Remove gum from hair

If you notice that there is a huge ball of gum in your hair, don’t rush and reach for the scissors! Take the bottle or can of olive oil and let it act, it’s magical. Apply a little oil around the rubber band and hair. Let sit for 10 minutes and pull the rubber out. You will see how you will get rid of the gum in seconds.

These and many more have been excellent aids provided by the incredible olive oil. We hope you put these 15 tricks you didn’t know into practice and work very well for you.

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