20 tattoos for men with original designs

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20 tattoos for men with original designs

The most original tattoos for men and of all sizes, designs to inspire you and that can look perfect on different parts of the body. Get inspired by some of these modern and original tattoos for men.

Nowadays getting a tattoo is something very common, especially if you are a man, although the trend in small tattoos for women is growing lately as well, equaling both genders.

Original tattoos for men

If you are not so sure about getting a tattoo, with these images you can clear up your doubts and perhaps decide today. Are small tattoo designs for men and very original, which can be adapted according to your style and the area where you do it.

Your first big decision, outside of your chosen tattoo, is to find an artist who charges reasonable prices and does excellent work that suits your personal style. It would be advisable to know some previous work of the tattoo artist, before exposing our body to his art.

The other thing you should be clear about is in which area to make the tattoo. Is it something you want to easily show, hide or reveal, or a more personal project that only you will see?

The next thing is to choose the tattoo model that best suits your needs, you can opt for smaller tattoos or bracelets and bracelets that go very well on the arm, wrist or legs, phrases or symbols; You can be inspired by some of the following tattoo images for men.

1. Heartbeat tattoo

tattoos for men with the signs of the heartbeat tattooed on the chest

2. Classic anchor tattooed on the neck, a small tattoo

Man with a small anchor tattooed on his neck

3. Small tattoos on the hands

Both hands tattooed with a diamond and a bug

4. Feather tattooed on the forearm

Young man with a feather tattooed on his forearm

5 stars in the hands

Man with stars tattooed on his hand

6. Figure of a fox tattooed on the forearm

A small fox tattooed on the arm

7. An original design for a small tattoo

Small figures tattooed on a man's arm

8. The classic cardinal points

A man with the tattoo of the cardinal points on his chest

9. Oriental tattoos are always a trend

Young man with a tattoo with oriental symbols on his arm

10. Tattoos with cardinal points

A man wears a tattoo of the cardinal points on his forearm

11. Bracelets with a more sophisticated design

Young man with a bracelet tattooed on his forearm, near the elbow

12. Bracelets with Aztec designs

2 bracelets tattooed one on each arm

13. A small symbol for the forearm

Young man with a symbol tattooed on his wrist

14. Wristband Style Tattoos for Both Arms

Young man with tattooed arms wearing tribal style wristbands

15. I am because you are, tattoo phrase

Man with a phrase tattoo

16. A dotted bracelet

Man with tattooed hand wearing a dotted bracelet

17. Maori bracelet on the legs

tattoos for men 16

18. Palm tree tattoo on the ankle

Young man with a palm tree tattoo on his ankle

19. Musical symbols tattooed on the neck

20. A bird flying in nature

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