24 tips to improve your physical appearance from today

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24 tips to improve your physical appearance from today

What would you think if we told you that 30 days is enough time to become more attractive? In this article we have prepared some tips that will help you improve your appearancefeel much better and not spend too much money on care, just make sure you practice them constantly.

1. Follow a healthy sleep routine

The habit of going to bed well after midnight and only sleeping for 5-6 hours does not have much of a positive effect on your appearance, not to mention your health. Try to go to bed early for a month and get at least 7 hours of sleep, and rest assured that you will start to notice positive changes.

2. Do not use electronic devices very late at night

If you’re used to browsing your social networks hoping to get sleepy, you’ll need to kick this habit as soon as possible. The blue light emitted by these devices suppresses melatonin production.

As a result, the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness is lost. Lack of sleep seriously affects health in general: memory deteriorates, attention decreases, the immune system stops working at full capacity. Therefore, leave your cell phone out of sight for at least a couple of hours before going to sleep.

3. Get earplugs and a sleep mask

To sleep well at night, you need peace. Earplugs and a mask will save you both from noisy neighbors and from the sun that sometimes keeps you awake in the morning.

4. Start going to the gym

Of course, going for just a month won’t gain enviable muscles either, but toning your muscles is a pretty doable task, so get ready with weights in hand and go for it. For those who are not very attracted to the gym, there is also yoga, Pilates and many other options. The important thing here is that you start moving.

5. Improve your posture

At this point it is worth acting on all fronts at once. At the gym, do exercises that strengthen your back and core musclesand remember to stretch before strength training.

At work, adjust the seat of your chair so that the angle between your thigh and lower leg while sitting is 90 degrees. The top of the monitor should be at eye level. Take small breaks every hour to stretch your body.

Also, get in the habit of keeping your back straight. If you find it completely unbearable, get a posture correctora device that will help you stop slouching.

6. Get massages from time to time

Even if you are not particularly worried about problems with the musculoskeletal system, this procedure does not hurt. There is not a single office worker in the world who will not accept a back massage. In addition, it also serves you to relax a little at the same time.

7. Go for a walk more often

Try to walk 10,000 steps every day: This activity is very good for your health. This is the most economical way to keep fit, since it does not require any cost. If the weather allows it, walk at least half an hour before going to bed. And try not to use the elevator all the time, but the stairs.

8. Get a manicure

have groomed hands it is very pleasing to the eye and it can be positive to improve your appearance. And yes, this advice also applies to men: they have exactly the same nail problems as women.

9. And also a pedicure

It’s not even about aesthetics: calluses, cracks and ingrown nails are very inconvenient. If you don’t have time or don’t want to visit a professional regularly, treat your feet yourself with a laser file.

10. Try a different haircut

Or get the cut you dreamed of for a long time, but never dared to try. A haircut is perhaps the easiest way to change your appearance. Choose an experienced hairdresser. A competent specialist will not only do his job efficiently, but also advise you on what exactly suits your hair and how to care for it properly.

11. Experiment with a different hair color

It is possible and easy for you to experiment from home by dyeing locks of hair in one tone, but if we talk about complex options such as lightened, ombre or balayageIt is better to trust a professional.

12. Practice skin care

Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser (not soap) and apply a moisturizer. This is the minimum routine for women and men. If you have problems with your skin, contact a beautician, who will help you develop an appropriate care program.

13. Avoid scratching your skin

Instead, try using acidic toners and peels. Products with salicylic or glycolic acid are gentle but effective. will help remove blackheads and acneso your skin will look much better in a month.

14. Get an ultrasonic cleaning

This is a gentle procedure, after which it is not necessary to wait long for the face to appear cleaner. Thanks to this your skin will look fresh and healthy.

15. Try to touch your face as little as possible with your hands

Especially if you already suffer from breakouts from time to time. Constantly touching your face with dirty hands will only aggravate the situation. Try to pay attention to this and control your habits.

16. Buy a perfume that you like

If you have been using the same eau de toilette for several years, the people around you will associate it with you. Just as you change your image, so does your scent – ​​and voila, you’ll be a completely different person.

17. Start clearing out your closet

It’s time to figure out what to leave and what to ruthlessly throw away. Feel free to throw away those things that no longer fit you or are too big for you, that are hopelessly damaged or simply outdated.

18. Check if the leftover clothes are what you need

In theory, not much is needed in a more or less universal women’s wardrobe: jeans, trousers, a skirt, two shirts (white and colored, plain or with a discreet pattern), a jacket, a cardigan and a pair of sweaters. point.

The men don’t have anything complicated either: classic navy blue jeans, solid wool trousers, four t-shirts (two of them are polo shirts), a couple of white shirts, a V-neck sweater, a knit cardigan and a jacket.

Make a list of what you need and go to the store to get it.

19. Increase your knowledge about nutrition

It’s hard to change your eating habits drastically, so start small: first, eliminate everything smoked, fried, and candy from your diet. This is not to say that you follow a strict diet for a month and then throw yourself back into the warm embrace of pizza and fries.

This is a gradual change in approach to food consumption. That it should last forever, not just a few weeks.

20. Eat breakfast every morning

Saying you don’t have time for breakfast doesn’t sound convincing… An oatmeal with fruit or berries can be prepared in just a few minutes, the same with scrambled eggs. Eat something in the morning; that way, before lunch, you won’t be tempted to eat chocolate or cookies.

21. Bring a lunch to work

At this point things are simple: if you take food with you, then there is no risk that you will miss out on lunch or that instead of having a normal meal, you will limit yourself to buying a cake and other goodies.

The ideal snack consists of protein (meat or fish) and a cereal garnish. Prepare this meal at night and store it in a container so you don’t waste time in the morning.

22. Take care of your oral hygiene

Fresh breath is a solid plus for your appearance. You won’t be carrying a toothbrush everywhere, so carry mouthwash and dental floss in your bag and use after every meal.

Ask your dentist which toothbrush is right for you (hard bristles, contrary to stereotypes, do not clean better, and can even damage sensitive enamel).

23. Put away the cigarette

Nicotine patches. Allen Carr’s book. A printed plan to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day. Willpower. If you smoke, you should use all available means to combat this habit; otherwise, most of the rest of the advice will be useless.

24. Leave at least one day of the week without worries

A person who is quite tired from the daily routine can be detected immediately. A victim of time problems will not benefit from a manicure or a new hairstyle. She needs to rest, and not on her own sofa, but on a quality one.

Go to a spa, you can even reserve an entire day to receive the beauty treatments listed in the article: from haircuts to manicures. This practice will allow you to finally feel like a person and not like a machine for work or cleaning. And believe it, this will reflect on the appearance in the best way.

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