4 tips to make the most of your benefits

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4 tips to make the most of your benefits

There are some strategies to make the most of green juice, knowing how to combine it with the right ingredients, taking it at the right times and with the right vegetables.

Everyone knows about the health benefits of green juice, or detox juice. From a pleasant and refreshing drink from day to day, to its various nutritional factors essential for the body; Without a doubt, it is one of the best options for a functional, balanced diet aimed at cleansing and detoxifying the body. However, what many do not know is that for your best benefit in a healthy diet, some simple but special care is necessary.

Green juice as an ally of health

A green juice contains at least 60 percent raw green vegetables; the more the better: the chlorophyll in green vegetables has a purifying effect and should have a rejuvenating effect. So we support our detox cures and at the same time reduce our appetite for sugar and sweets.

The base of a green juice is therefore usually green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, cabbage, lettuce, and green vegetables, such as cucumbers and celery, among others.

These are joined by other types of vegetables such as carrots or beets and small portions of fruit: green fruits such as apples and grapes or touches of color such as berries. For variety in flavor, wild herbs, lemon, lime, coconut oil, ginger, or even chili and pepper are added. For a little extra sweetness, raw honey or other natural sweeteners can also be added to the green juice.

How to reap the benefits of green juice

The green juice contributes to the work of detoxification, to leave the body free to receive the best that food has to offer. Working in a regulated manner, the uptake of nutrients becomes larger, faster and more efficient. Therefore, only a clean body is capable of accepting new diets.

Here are four basic green juice tips:

change the ingredients

It seeks to make a mixture of vegetables, leaves, fruits, greens, etc. The ideal is to vary every day, but since most do not have a garden at their disposal at home, they always seek to buy different ingredients. Each food has its own nutrients, vitamins and minerals, this variation being essential for the absorption of all substances by the body.


Look for information on vegetables that can help make your green juice an even more powerful drink. Use each vegetable as a true ally. If you suffer from fluid retention, for example, try using diuretic vegetables such as celery stalk, pineapple, or even the squeeze of an orange.

For the obstructed intestine, the use of orange is recommended. Adding chia to juice also helps a lot. For the best functioning of the metabolism, a good option is to use ginger in green juice and add hibiscus tea or green tea (natural) instead of water.

the correct time

Nothing better than starting the day to taste this drink. Ideally, drink green juice on an empty stomach, about 20 minutes before eating. This time is enough for the nutrients, fibers and minerals of the juice to be absorbed, because, on an empty stomach, the nutrients are better absorbed. However, nothing prevents the specialty from being consumed at other times and situations.


A good option is, at least once a week, to buy the vegetables and only start blending and freezing when they are ripe. Thus, use the ice cubes for the rest of the week, until the day comes when you will drink it.

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