5 Best Exercises to Activate Lower Abs

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5 Best Exercises to Activate Lower Abs.webp.webp

Many of us are delighted with beautiful ripped abs. And looking at a slender and toned body, it seems that the owner of it spends all her free time in the gym. However this is not entirely true.

Lower abdominal exercises

Many people are looking for the most effective exercise for the lower abs, which are not a separate muscle, but part of the rectus abdominis. Even those people who we consider thin often want to tighten or reduce the volume of this area.

1. Scissors

You can make them vertical or horizontal and, in both cases, a repetition is counted when both legs have crossed: if it is horizontal, that the two pass over the other and if it is vertical, that both feet have passed above and down. Ideally, do at least 30 repetitions and increase as you gain more control over the exercise.

2.Cross body climber

cross body climber

Starting from a flexed position, we must have a straight body. The hips and the abdominal core should be aligned.

Next, we will have to raise the right leg and draw the right knee towards the left elbow. As we bring the right leg back to the ground, we will lift the left leg and bring the left knee towards the right elbow.

We must continue alternating until we complete the number of repetitions indicated in the routine.

3. Touch the foot

foot touching exercise

Lie on the floor with your legs and arms extended. Keeping your abs tight throughout, raise your right arm and left leg until they touch. Switch sides. That would be a repeat.

4. Leg raises

Woman doing leg raise exercises

Lying on your back, make sure your hands are palms down, as they will be your point of support. Once you feel comfortable, try to raise your legs fully stretched next to your hips, keeping your abdomen strong and inward.

Hold the pose for 30 seconds and return to the original position. Start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions, with a minute break between each.

5. Sit-ups on the bench

sit-ups on bench

Lie down on the bench and place your legs on the sides firmly supported. With your hands behind your head and holding on to the bench, bring your legs up to a right angle and slowly lower back to the starting position. Repeat ten times.

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