5 exercises to eliminate fat from the sides of the waist

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5 exercises to eliminate fat from the sides of the

The fat deposited in the lateral area of ​​our abdomen is one of the most difficult to eliminate. That is why we must bet on specific exercises that help us flatten that area. Try these 5 options that can be done at home and without any type of device.

Exercises to eliminate fat from the sides

Exercises that you can do at home to eliminate fat from the sides effectively, this requires patience and a lot of practice, but the results will come if you do not give up.

1. Climbing Mountain

Get into the traditional push-up position and align your feet with your elbows. Keep your body straight, contract your abdomen and bend your knees alternately, as if you were climbing a mountain. This activity is one of the most powerful to define the abdominal region well and work the lateral area.

2. Sit-ups and bike

Exercise to eliminate fat from the sides

For those looking for quick ways to reduce love handles on your sides, try including this exercise in your daily routine. Simply lie on your back and pull your leg in with your knees bent and your hands under your head.

Now lift your right leg and try to touch your right knee with your left elbow. Make sure to lift your upper body as you do this. Return to the resting position and repeat the same with the other leg.

3. Triangle pose

Triangle pose to eliminate love handles

The basic twists and turns are what will help reduce the fat deposited on the sides. To do this stretch, just stand with both legs slightly apart. Now stretch your arms to both sides. Inhale and slowly bend your body to the side and touch your left toe with your left hand, if you can’t, bring your hand as far as it will go, without forcing the posture.

Your right hand should be in the air and stretched up. Make sure your left and right arms form a straight line, starting from the ground. Keep your neck to the left side. Slowly return to normal position and repeat on the other side.

4. Russian twists

Woman doing russian twists

Probably the most effective exercise for losing love handles is Russian twists. Just sit with your legs stretched out in front of you and your arms linked in front of you. Now raise your legs so that they do not touch the ground. Later, rotate your torso from side to side along with your hands, without letting your feet touch the ground. This will help melt the fat deposited in your rolls in a very short time.

5. Crab Kick

Crab kick to remove fat from the sides

Another exercise to move the muscles of the waist and abdomen is the crab kick exercise.

Sit on the floor with your feet flat, hands under your shoulders, and press through your hands to lift your hips a few inches off the ground. Raise your right hand and left foot, tapping them as fast as you can.
Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. She continues to alternate this movement between her legs.

These 5 exercises can be done at home and will help you reduce your waist and eliminate fat from the sides.

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