5 exercises to reduce hip fat

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5 exercises to reduce hip fat

There is no method to remove fat or rreduce hips in a week. What it is about here is to set long-term goals and draw up a plan to achieve them.

Exercises to lose weight in the hips

These exercises can be practiced 3 to 5 times a week, depending on the level of training, and are focused on improving the hip area to achieve significant fat reduction in the area and tone muscles.

1. Bird-dog position

This exercise, to reduce fat from the hips, consists of the extension of one leg and one alternate arm at the same time. Balance plays a very important role during practice, so the first few times you do it you have to be careful not to fall. The ideal is to execute 16 repetitions on each side.

How it is performed

  1. Start by resting your hands on the exercise mat, so that they are exactly below the shoulders, in the same way the knees should be supported and separated to the width of the hips.
  2. Keeping your back straight and your abs tight, you should extend your right leg and bring it back as you lift your opposite, left, arm forward.
  3. Try to hold the position for about two seconds, carefully lower your limbs back to the start, and continue the movement until you complete several repetitions on each side.

2. Side plank

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The side plank on the floor is an exercise to strengthen the abdominal area. It is a movement similar to the front plank but with variations. One of them is the position, instead of placing yourself face down, you will do it on your side, which is a little more complicated when it comes to maintaining balance.

3. Cross lunge

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We’ll start by standing with our back straight, feet shoulder-width apart, and hands together in front of us. Now we take a step forward while crossing the left foot to bend the knees and lower the body.

If we maintain the position when we are with the knee flexed, the exercise will be even more concentrated and we will achieve better results.

4. Scissors

5 exercises to reduce hip fat

Lie on your back and raise your legs. He now he begins to cross them between them making the movement of scissors. He do it for a few seconds and rest.

5. Bike Crunches

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With the bicycle crunches you will stimulate the muscles of the oblique abdominals, frontal, neck, quadriceps and glutes. It is a simple exercise that you can do from home, without major complications or much effort.

This time, lie flat on the floor, place both hands behind your head, and try to get your nose to touch your left knee while your right leg is extended. Do the same, but in reverse. Perform two repetitions of 10 exercises to start.

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