5 flattering haircuts for women over 40

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5 flattering haircuts for women over 40

Haircuts: There are many beautiful haircuts for women over fifty. There are also ideal ways for women to look younger.

Hair plays a very important role when it comes to representing a person’s age, on many occasions, an inappropriate hairstyle can make you look much older than you really are, however, it is possible to change this in a few minutes, knowing what haircut and hairstyle to choose.

Cuts that rejuvenate

Below you can find all the information you need to achieve it.

1. Classic Shag

Classic Shag

The classic shag, thanks to the filler that characterizes it, gives vitality and volume to mature and weak hair, in addition to having the ability to hide the years by covering wrinkles, it also greatly softens facial features.

2. Eternal layers

classic layered cut

Subtle layers add volume and movement to fine hair, while at the same time giving the overall look a youthful feel.

Here Cindy Crawford’s intense side parting perfectly camouflages wrinkles, the so-called crow’s feet.

In this other article you can learn about the best options for layered haircuts.

3. Long bob

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If you have naturally straight hair and prefer low-maintenance haircuts, we suggest going for classic long hair.

4. Messy and bulky

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Over the years, the loss of volume above is one of the main problems. The secret to voluminous hair is the right mid-length cut that doesn’t weigh it down. Carefully tousled hair adds volume, youth and movement.

lob cut

5 flattering haircuts for women over 40

In general terms, it is a style that is worn with medium length between the chin and the clavicles, varying in its finish according to the preferences of the woman.

That is, if you want it perfectly smooth, blunt, with long layers, add bangs or straight. Versatility at its finest!

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