5 plank exercises to reduce waist fat

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5 plank exercises to reduce waist fat

Planks not only help sculpt a well-defined waist, they also help us maintain a strong and stable spine, relieving lower back pain and improving our balance and posture.

Variations of the iron to work the waist

The following variations of the classic plank exercise are aimed at working the abdominal area and reducing fat around the waist.

1. Plank crunches

Place your hands firmly on the mat, extend your legs keeping your back in a straight line, and support your weight on the balls of your feet.

Raise one knee and align with the opposite elbow, that is, if you raise the right knee, lower the left elbow to crunch, perform 10 repetitions, return to the starting position and do the same on the other side.

2. Side plank

Woman doing side plank

The side plank tests stability and improves core strength by working the muscles along the side of the body:

Lie on your left side and raise yourself up on your left forearm. Position your left shoulder directly above your left elbow, keeping your shoulders, hips, and knees in line. Support the right arm along the side of the body.
Tighten your abdominal muscles.

Take a deep breath in this position and try to stay between 10 to 20 seconds, the amount of time you can increase as you go. Repeat 3 times on each arm.

3. Side plank touching opposite foot

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Another variant to give a plus of intensity to the session. In the side plank position, try to reach your opposite foot with your hand. Switch sides.

4. Plank with support change

Plank exercise with change of support

To perform this type of plank, you must get into a plank position with your arms stretched out. Subsequently, bend your elbows one by one until you change your point of support from your hands to your forearms. Repeat and alternate until you complete the routine. With this exercise the abdomen is strengthened and the arms are toned.

5. Ab wheel

abdominal wheel exercise

This is an intense exercise, in which the plank and stretched push-ups are perfectly combined, it is one of the most complete exercises, but it requires starting slowly, since it could cause some injury if the person is starting, and even if not a good warm-up is done beforehand.

It is recommended to do few repetitions of this exercise, without stretching completely and avoiding

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