5 plants that can remove moisture and remove mold

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5 plants that can remove moisture and remove mold

Mold is a problem in many homes as it can come in many shapes and colors due to poor ventilation, insulation, and moisture problems. However, indoor plants can be of great help in eliminating it and reducing the humidity in the environment, which is indicated for the creation of mold.

Plants to remove mold

Here are 5 plants that help reduce the impact of mold in our home by purifying the air.

1. Cacti

Cactus to remove mold from home

Cacti absorb most of the moisture from the air. If they survive the heat and lack of irrigation in desert areas, it is thanks to their ability to absorb environmental humidity.

2. Cradle of Moses

Cradle of Moses removes moisture

It does not need a lot of light and has the ability to absorb moisture through its leaves, making it a great option for rooms without many hours of light.

If its leaves turn brown, it’s a sign that the plant needs more watering, a more sheltered location, or a supply of fertilizer.

3. Bamboo palm

bamboo palm

They grow in tropical and humid areas. They absorb moisture through their leaves. They can survive in low light, which makes them ideal for keeping indoors.

However, they can grow several meters if kept in well-lit areas. Keep the substrate relatively moist to help it grow.

4. Calathea


It is a tropical plant that absorbs humidity from the environment very well. Being a plant without flowers, it needs moisture to stay in good condition.

5. Bad mother

Bad mother

It is very popular for its ability to absorb moisture from the environment. It needs little watering and little light.

It helps purify the air and is very useful in environments affected by carbon monoxide present in varnishes, aerosols or even cosmetics.

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