5 plants to eliminate black mold from any space in the home

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5 plants to eliminate black mold from any space in

plants to eliminate black Mold on the walls of the house, especially in the bathroom, is a very common problem. Caused by excess moisture, mold on walls must be removed immediately to prevent it from causing more difficult to remove or even permanent damage.

Although there are many effective products and methods to remove mold from the walls of the house, such as ammonia and bleach, almost all of them are chemical and harmful to health.

Plants that help eliminate mold

In this article, we will list some plants that can absorb excess moisture and kill mold.

Before removing mold from the walls of the house, it is essential to identify the cause. The most common causes are excess humidity and poor ventilation. Problems such as water leaks and the like should be consulted by a professional.

1. ivy

These plants absorb moisture and prevent mold growth. Place the ivy near the walls or the ceiling: they are also useful for purifying the air in the house.

2. Spatifillo (Cradles of Moses)

It needs little light and its roots are capable of absorbing moisture. This plant also prevents the accumulation of bacteria, fungi and molds.

3. Asparagus

In nature, they grow in places with high environmental humidity and mild temperatures. But they are also perfect for growing indoors, even more so if the humidity level in the environment is high.

It is a perennial plant, similar to the fern and ideal for placing in the bathroom or kitchen. It needs indirect light and frequent watering. Its intense green color will brighten up any corner of the house.

4. Areca

It uses moisture to its advantage, absorbs it and uses it to grow. This plant is one of the most effective in preventing the development of bacteria and mold.

5. Aspidistra

The aspidistra is an easy-care houseplant that is pet-friendly and perfect for shedding moisture. It is characterized by being a plant with very intense green leaves, and no flowers.

Regarding its care, it requires moderate watering, and a temperature between 0º C and 21 °C. It is a plant that can also be incorporated outdoors in shady areas. Discover all the care of the aspidistra.

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