5 Reasons It’s Okay to Not Have Kids

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5 Reasons Its Okay to Not Have Kids

Bringing a child into the world is undoubtedly a great responsibility, in addition to the fact that having a child implies a series of radical changes in the life of the human being and very surely, from the very moment of conception, nothing will ever be Same.

Society has imposed the criterion that having a child is the dream of every woman, but the scientific world affirms, quite to the contrary, that it should not be an existential priority for everyone and even raises at least 5 Reasons It’s Okay to Not Have Kidswhich should be taken into account by those couples who assume the procreation of children as an almost mandatory matter.

does not favor the relationship

Contrary to what is generally believed, the presence of children in the couple does not strengthen the relationshipbecause they represent more challenges to face, which very often leads to conflicts between the members of the couple.

according to the website psychcentral70 percent of couples experience a significant decline in the relationship, at least during the first three years after the birth of the first baby, conditioned by factors such as sleep deprivation, lack of intimacy, recurrent tiredness and the increase in stress levels.

Changes in sleep pattern

After you have a child, the hours of sleep that can be enjoyed will not be the same for both members of the couple.

Continuous sleep at night is something that begins to be deprived with the birth of a baby, a pattern that will continue regularly even after the growth and development of children, since parents remain very aware of the safety of their children. offspring, even though they have already come of age.

changes in sex life

The recommendation of the experts to couples is that they should have a waiting period after childbirth to resume relations, at least in a period that can range from 6 to 8 weeks, in order to avoid vaginal pain. .

Nevertheless, this period of abstinence is usually prolonged beyond what is established due to the fact that couples – often women – lose interest, as well as other factors such as the pressure of stress, for example.

cause of unhappiness

Many times, this unhappiness comes hand in hand with infidelity. Same that is caused by the drop in sexual activity in the relationship. Mainly, the man is driven to seek to satisfy his sexual drive outside the home.

budget increase

If the couple’s economy is not very good, the arrival of a child will not help the financial climate of the home at all, because The cost of caring for the new member of the family increases. You must take all this into account and reflect on whether you really want a baby.

You must keep in mind that both motherhood and fatherhood are a responsibility rather than a privilege, and that it is worth not having children and living the life that each person chooses without trying to meet the expectations of third parties.

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