5 rules to make your home more comfortable and functional

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5 rules to make your home more comfortable and functional

Comfort is not only a set of personal feelings, but also a special order of things, or rather, their harmony. The comfort of a home also has to do with how functional it can be, depending on what our uses really are, beyond the usual ones that a house has.

How can I make my home more comfortable?

To prevent the apartment from being too dark, as in a crypt, or on the contrary, light, as in a surgical department, there should be several light sources. If the apartment has high ceilings, add a floor lamp against the wall or a lamp above the sofa to the chandelier.

1. Eliminate bad odors in the home

The smell of a house is almost the first thing you find when you open the front door. It is clear that the air in the house must be free of organic compounds that have become obsolete. To do this, you should clean your vents, bathroom pipes, and carpets several times a year, as well as wash your curtains and blankets more often.

And only after doing this, you can add additional scents. Oils, candles and sachets are boring classics. But no one has ever created a more pleasant smell than real cinnamon baked apples, lingonberry pie or freshly brewed coffee. Therefore, the rule is within the rule: cook at home!

2. Eliminate air cracks

If you have to constantly run away from drafts, you will probably not feel comfortable. Eliminate cracks and window openings, spread rugs of different textures and colors on the floor to avoid air under the doors; they can be changed or completely removed, for example, in summer.

3. Cover the windows

Blackout curtains are better to coexist with translucent ones. In winter, heavy curtains will add coziness, and in summer they will save you from very bright sunrises.

It is better if the curtains for winter and summer are of different colors – this is a well-known technique for changing the scenery, which gives variety with minimal changes in the interior.

4. Move furniture away from the wall

By habit or design of the same furniture, we often place it around the perimeter and lean against the wall at all costs. Try grouping the armchairs and sofa around a coffee table, or simply place them facing each other instead of the TV.

5. Tell a story with your house

The space should be a call to action. The ideal order, where the books are the same height and the bedspread is tucked under the mattress, can create the feeling of a state-owned room.

A desk with open books, a warm homemade sweater left on the couch, an apple on the kitchen table, a cup of coffee on the nightstand, a blanket hanging off the edge of the sofa on purpose. Design is where the story is. And comfort is where this story is about you.

Do not be afraid to experiment and change the space around you, the idea of ​​feeling comfortable is something very personal, but surely these tips above can be useful.

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