5 signs that your partner may be manipulating you

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5 signs that your partner may be manipulating you

Relationships can sometimes get complicated. Usually in a relationship you seek to find mutual love, trust, respect, care. But there are times when different emotions prevail in a relationship: yelling, fighting, pressure, jealousy.

So you suspect that maybe your partner is manipulative. It can be a phase that almost all couples go through. If the problem persists, you may be in a tampering situation.

How to know if your partner is manipulative

If you suspect that your partner is manipulative, then you should read this article. Here you will find some of the most common signs that manipulative people display. Learn to spot them so you can deal with them.

1. You are always to blame

Manipulative people have a characteristic that unites them. They make you feel guilty when you’re not. You always have that feeling of guilt that your partner has inflicted on you.

You can ask her for help and she answers you with a strong tone: “Did you never think that I could be busy?” and other corresponding phrases. Manipulative behavior is making you, because of her response, feel guilty when you are not. Try to catch this behavior every time so you can handle it.

2. The other person is always the victim.

Who wouldn’t feel bad for someone to whom something bad happened? Manipulative people want to be pitied, to be victims in any situation. They try to show that their life is full of setbacks, sadness, heartache, and misery so that you feel bad for them.

If your partner makes you feel sorry for them in any way, especially by asking them to take responsibility for their own actions, to start moving forward, and hides in a victim role, they may be using manipulation to get away with it. yours.

5 signs that your partner may be manipulating you.webp

3. There is emotional blackmail very often

Emotional blackmail is also very common behavior and shows that your partner could be manipulative.

This is a situation where your partner uses words and behaviors to show how emotionally attached they are to you. In this way, she tries to show that she “depends” on you and that you have no choice but to walk away from her.

“I will die without you” is an often heard saying and indicates that your partner is likely to be manipulative. Behind this innocent phrase an unhealthy intention is hidden, which is to have you only for her.

4. It provokes constant fights and conflicts

If your manipulative partner has nothing more to say, then they will find something to say that they know will upset you. In this way, it will ignite tension, make you angry, and make you lose control.

If you get out of control, you could tell her something that she can use to her advantage. This is also the purpose behind causing the fight. She will find the opportunity to be the victim again.

5. He acts like he doesn’t understand.

Pretending not to understand is the easiest solution. Avoid giving further explanations with the excuse that you do not understand a situation or a conversation. He knows how to get out of sight when it’s time to take responsibility for something, and just hides behind the phrase “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

This behavior is quite childish and is of course a clear indication that your partner is manipulative.

If you suspect that your partner is manipulative and their behavior matches the examples above, then you have the answer you need.

Manipulative behavior will hardly change, but you can deal with it. For starters, you can detect when it has this behavior and react accordingly.

If you see that you are wasting yourself in this relationship and losing yourself and your mental health, then you better go!

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