5 simple tips for a happy child

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5 simple tips for a happy child

5 (simple) tips to raise happy children who learn to be independent, valuing the little things in life. Because our children need simple things to be happy.

Much has been said about happiness. Some consider it a quest in life, others a modern obsession. But the pursuit of happiness is not just another modern fad. Happiness has always been a goal of healthy living.

The Dalai Lama became a famous spokesperson for happiness after declaring that “the purpose of life is to be happy. But Aristotle also characterized happiness as the “supreme good.” What did he mean? That the things we try to do in our lives are the things that will make us happy.

Unfortunately, research shows that people often seek happiness in ways that don’t make them happy.

Tips for raising children to be happy

These tips that you can put into practice today can teach your children that happiness is in the little things.

1. Laugh a lot

When you laugh, your blood pressure drops and your muscles relax. This process helps you a lot to connect with your children more easily. And since laughter is contagious, it might calm your kids too!

2. Learn to praise your children correctly

When we send the message to our children that their talents are innate, or when we praise them too much, they develop a false belief, they begin to avoid learning new things, and they will begin to choose activities based on whether they will be successful or not, whether they will be accepted or not. .

When we praise our children, attributing their success to their innate gifts, we only encourage them to agonize over meaningless accomplishments. Of course praise is a good thing, but it’s better for things like effort, commitment, ingenuity, and hard work and practice. These are the things that can really help children grow, succeed and be happy.

3. Teach them gratitude

This is a skill we should teach our children to practice regularly, not something we should assume they will feel instinctively. Together make a list of things you and your children are thankful for. Anything big or small: people, places, games, events. People who consciously practice gratitude are more energetic and happy!

4. Give them more time to play

Over the last two decades, there has been a dramatic drop in children’s play time by eight hours per day. The game allows children to develop properly and become happy adults.

5. Eat together

It may sound simple and trivial, but the warm family time where children eat together with their parents makes them feel emotionally stable, and those children who have dinner with their family more often are less likely to be depressed in their adult life than their peers, who We didn’t eat dinner as a family when we were kids.

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