5 things a mother tells her children and is almost never wrong

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5 things a mother tells her children and is almost

We have all heard the typical phrase “pay attention to your mom” without giving it so much importance, only to discover that in the end what they told us was exactly what happened, because mom is always right and we have no choice but to admit it.

Most of us when we are young do not understand when we listen to the typical advice of mom, it is not until we have to be in her place or live the consequences of what they warned us that we really agree with our mother.

Things a mother says to her children

Whether through life experience, the instinct that motherhood gives them or a divine power that we are unable to understand, mothers have an incredible capacity for perception.

1. I don’t like that person

Something that a mother is able to predict just by looking at a person is the evil in their heart. They are the only ones capable of seeing beyond what we can, even when someone is apparently kind and with good intentions.

2. It is better not to go out

Although hunches are something we cannot understand, life has made us prove that they are true. A mother is able to know when something bad is about to happen, even when there is no evidence to prove it.

3. There is no evil that does not come for good

Something we all know is that moms love to speak with proverbs, because they always have one for every occasion. They resort to whatever is necessary when it comes to giving us comfort, because they always know what to say to make us see the bright side of what happens to us and put everything in perspective.

4. You decide to be happy

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Most people don’t understand this phrase when they say it to us for the first time, but like everything else, mom is always right. A mother is not mistaken when she says that happiness is in the hands of each person, since it is not bought or sold, nor is it obtained by external means, happiness is the decision that is made to see life with gratitude and give what best of himself despite everything.

5. Be careful, you will fall

Every child can verify that when a mother says “you are going to fall” it is because it is going to happen, even when we are sure that it is not going to happen. It is as if they can see into the future and guess what will happen without us noticing.

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