5 things a well-educated child does for their parents

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5 things a well educated child does for their parents

Good education and good customs and values ​​come from home, it is at home and with the first educators, from where we get the first contact with the values ​​that will last us a lifetime, about others, about ourselves and how to do facing life.

Values ​​come from home, education belongs to school. This article may interest you.

5 things well-behaved children do

A child who has been well educated by his parents will present some behaviors, attitudes and actions that can easily show us where they come from.

1. They know how to listen

Listening is one of the most important things when it comes to education, because it is where we help children understand us so that they can learn from us and everything around them. This is a great asset that will allow them to go further.

Sometimes it is difficult for children to calm down, take a deep breath and listen to us, but if your child learns to listen it is because you educated him very well, and he will appreciate your help. Listening will help the child. He will prepare you to learn and understand.

2. They ask permission

Whether at home or outdoors, these children often ask permission to do whatever they want, whether it’s playing, going to the bathroom, or just eating something. They tend to ask their elders for permission, as they follow the examples at home.

Without a doubt, these children are very respectful, we can even laugh, because they ask permission for everything, even for things that they shouldn’t ask for.

3. They fulfill their duties

The duties and responsibilities of a girl or a boy vary and include doing homework, brushing teeth, choosing clothes, bathing and more. And if your child does it without instructions, then the child has good manners, something that is learned at home and, above all, is learned by imitation.

4. They are more empathic

A child who has been well educated will be able to put himself in the place of others and will be able to recognize the mental states of people and do things appropriately, of course not as an adult would, but show signs of empathy. In short, they care about the well-being of others.

It is normal for children to sometimes act without thinking. But if this happens all the time and they don’t show consideration for others, you need to change this characteristic, starting with the way you treat your children.

5. Will try to limit violence

In general, violence and abuse of power does not sit well with anyone, but especially for well-behaved children, abuse or violence is something that they will not tolerate. Therefore, they will not accept threats or disrespect from others. They will not listen to any adult who mistreats them. In such a situation, the child will not remain silent and ask for respect.

If a child sees a situation of violence in a relationship with another person or about him, he will not be afraid to tell adults (parents, teachers, teachers).

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