5 things that will connect you with your children when you don’t have much time

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5 things that will connect you with your children when

Your baby has grown and the activities that you can now do together are more. There are many times during the day when parents can be closer to their children, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on that opportunity! If we know them, we can enjoy them more.

There are a series of small moments that we can create for ourselves within our worries and occupations, which can serve to better connect with our children, and not miss out on that moment.

1. Listen to what they tell you

Am I a good listener? Do I keep interrupting him and not letting him finish? Am I being critical of him?

Active listening is related to being a good listener, using eye contact, paying attention to the tone of voice, our posture, etc. For example, not looking at our cell phone while our son talks, but looking into his eyes, when he tells us something that is important to him, you can also kneel down and get down to his level so that he feels even closer and present.

2. Go hiking together

There’s growing evidence that time outside is good for your kids, but did you know that it also builds family bonds and creates deep connections?

Sports situations and activities unite the family, make them respect and reward each other.

Family time is precious, so make the most of it by looking beyond phones and screens to simple activities together.

Make family time count by trying something as simple as going for a walk together.

3. Cook together

Do you want it to be your favorite food or something new? Sweet or salt? Talk to him and go into the kitchen to experiment.

Of course, it’s not always the result that’s the problem, but the quality time together, the laughs, and the deeper insight into your child’s new adolescent desires.

4. Organize a project together

Well, this idea has endless ramifications. But the goal is to try to include children and adolescents in family plans.

If you are looking for vacations or hotels, ask them for help. You are preparing to renovate or change a room, ask them for their advice. Thinking of making a new purchase, updating your closet, or cooking recipes for the family? Ask their opinion and at least consider it!! Don’t do it just for the eyes of the world! Children want to feel like they are active members of the family!

5. Watch a movie together at home

Take the popcorn or whatever else you want and let the child introduce you to their favorite fantasy or adventure movie, if they are teenagers the likes and themes can also be discussed.

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