5 types of dot eyeliner that are a sensation

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5 types of dot eyeliner that are a sensation

Dot eyeliners have become a trend again, they have been present during the last catwalks, and even many celebrities have become fans of this innovative beauty trends. From its inception, the outlined dot it remains for several seasons, to disappear and then return with much more strength and originality. When it comes to fashion and makeup, imagination and creativity go a long way, and very innovative ideas can be born from them

What is dot eyeliner?

This type of eyeliner is a style of eye makeup that emerged during the 1960s, when some top models they started using it to emphasize their eyelashes. It has very simple basics. the outline is achieved by drawing very small moles at the height of the eyelashes of the lower eyelid.

Usually only one is drawn right in the center of each eyelid, however drawing several along the edge is also very good, even on the whole eye in general, when you want to play more with the designs. Regarding what colors are used for this outline, the truth is that the most common are black and different shades of blue, even so you can choose any other that matches the skin tone.

5 types of dot eyeliner

Despite the fact that they are all quite similar and have the same bases, there are several ways to do this type of eyeliner that is a trend today and that you will like to try it if you are a woman who likes fashion trends in makeup and you seek to see yourself original.

1. Minimalist style

minimalist dot outline

If what you want is to start wearing this trend in a fairly discreet way, the least is to start with a minimalist style, which consists of drawing two small dots in the middle of the lower eyelid. You can go a little below the lash line, or just where the eyelid ends, always taking care that the point is as central as possible.

This dot liner stylecan be done with various materials, either with eyeliner of the color you prefer, or with glitter and sequins to give it a more daring touch.

2. Electric style

outlined electrical dot

It is an ideal style to obtain a very intense look. It consists of making a quite long and striking cat eye liner, which has also been in trend for many seasons in a row. Then the lower eyelid is highlighted by making one or more points around it.

3. Dot outline with flashing dots

dot outlined with flashing dots

With this style of eyeliner it is possible to lengthen and enlarge the eyes, as well as the cat eye liners or the shading smokey eyes at the top. To achieve this extravagant and very original eyeliner, you should only trace a few points along the lower eyelid, although you can also do it on the upper and/or both, just below the lash line, bringing them up to that coincide with the end of the eye or the eyebrows, depending on how you decide to use it.

4. Twiggy style

outlined dot twiggy style

Copying the legendary look of the iconic Twiggy model is not difficult at all. It consists of using a pastel-colored shadow on the upper eyelid, a lot of mascara on the upper and lower lashes so that they look very long and thick, then the eyeliner point that identifies this style must be made. A few more can be drawn for greater impact.

5. arty style

outlined dot in colors

To achieve a much more artistic look, dots of different colors can be combined on the upper eyelid until they cover the entire eyelid. The most used colors for this style are black, dark blue and some shades of gray, but you can play with the colors that you like the most.

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