6 habits that make us less attractive

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6 habits that make us less attractive

When was the last time you thought of someone who managed to catch your eye? And then you wondered, why doesn’t this attraction apply to both sides?

Do you wonder why some people are attractive and others are not, and if you belong to the first or second category? What makes us less attractive finally?

What makes us less attractive?

Not only on a physical level, being an attractive and interesting person can also be related to our habits, which we repeat without realizing it.

1. Being too distant

While being aloof can make you feel good on a personal level, especially if you’re an introvert, it’s not at all attractive to others. The more you make your presence felt, in a beautiful and not excessive way of course, the more likely it is that others will find you attractive over time.

2. You reveal too much, too soon.

The more mystery there is at the beginning, the more your personality intrigues others. People are generally fascinated by mysteries, so it’s attractive to them that they don’t know much about you and want to find out. Therefore, do not reveal everything about yourself too soon to an acquaintance. Always save something for later.

3. Anxiety

According to research, those who have high levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their body are less attractive. Thus, in addition to harming our health and psychology, stress also makes us less attractive.

4. Lies

According to research, lying is considered one of the most repulsive traits people can have. And this is true even for the smallest lie. So make sure you are completely honest in what you say and do if you want to win someone over.

The frontal and sincere person usually looks more attractive, represents a part of us that we always want to release and seeing it in another person, makes us feel attracted to them.

5. Not getting enough rest

The less you sleep, the less attractive you are to others, and it makes sense. By not sleeping well, you tense your body, your skin, you overload your brain, you have no mood, you can’t stand anything and you are irritable, so you don’t emit something attractive.

Don’t be grumpy, but don’t be too happy either.

There are two contradictory situations here. On the one hand, when you come off as sullen, moody, and anxious, it makes sense not to attract the interest of others. However, on the other hand, excessive joy and optimism are just as uncomfortable.

This shows a lack of serious approach to things. The secret, then, is to be normal without going to extremes.

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