6 signs that you are a manipulator

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6 signs that you are a manipulator

You may be wondering if it’s okay to suspect that you’re being manipulated. Of course, this is normal, it must be done, since it is very easy to cross the very line from which a small misunderstanding turns into a real emotional abuse, which can have serious consequences.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of people have experienced emotional abuse of themselves.

About 47% of the women and 46% of the men had experience in this type of relationship. Therefore, it is so important to be aware if your actions are the same abuse! With this figured out, you’ll have a better understanding of where to go next.

6 signs that you are a real manipulator in a relationship

You need to constantly give feedback to relationships, just like in those cases where it’s critical that you understand how fit your relationship is.

Imagine a relationship in which neither spouse shares your experience or emotions, such a relationship will quickly collapse.

These are some of the signs that may allow you to review emotional abuse and the form of manipulation that you may be using, often without knowing it.

1. You use a person’s weaknesses to influence them

In order for a person to do what you need, you are trying to press on his past mistakes. This is very bad for relationships, but it has a place to be, just like any other bad trait.

2. You use gaslighting

If your partner doesn’t like something and doesn’t agree with you, the manipulative person may resort to using the gaslighting technique. If you inspire your partner with what you want, be sure that you are a manipulator.

3. You play with guilt

In cases where you use your partner’s guilt against him, you are most likely manipulating him.

You can often bring up the bad things your partner has done and talk about the good things you have done for them. These actions can create a sense of constant duty and alienate you from one another.

4. Passive aggression

How to know if you are a manipulator

When you try to indirectly express your negative thoughts or feelings, you are passive aggressive towards your partner. Without solving the problem itself, and hiding it by any means, in this way you only increase anxiety and fear.

The climate that you can produce makes the other person feel suffocated, and while you act as if nothing is happening, this form of manipulation is usually one of the most present in unhealthy relationships.

5. Personal boundaries mean little to you

Consider whether you are ignoring your partner’s wishes or personal opinions. If you have defined boundaries, but you constantly violate them for your own benefit, think about it, maybe you should change something.

6. You do not help solve common problems

In a healthy relationship, both partners will listen to each other and commit. If you are not helping, but only exacerbating the problem, there is definitely a problem in your relationship.

If the relationship is fed by the twists and turns generated by constant unresolved problems, it is a time bomb and whoever does not propose that this change is surely manipulating the other.

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