6 things mentally strong couples don’t do

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6 things mentally strong couples dont do

Lasting relationships don’t work through chemistry and compatibility alone. Above all, they are the result of maintaining good habits.

This includes, for example, being honest and caring and communicating openly with each other. Mentally strong couples are made up of two strong individuals who bring out the best in each other. They challenge each other in a healthy way and support each other in their efforts to reach their goals.

Breaking unhealthy habits is so important to a healthy relationship. Toxic habits can create tension and unhappiness in the relationship. These behaviors may include manipulative, resentful behavior, speaking ill of the other person in their absence, and minimizing their feelings. You won’t find these behaviors in healthy relationships.

6 things a mentally strong couple avoids doing

Here are 6 things mentally strong couples don’t do within their relationship.

1. They don’t keep records of who does the most.

They don’t care whose turn it is to do the dishes. They don’t complain when one person owes another a favor. Instead, they understand that there are times when one can give more than the other, and vice versa. They don’t count who does what and when.

2. They are not in competition with each other

Emotionally stable couples do not try to outdo each other. They strengthen each other, celebrate each other’s successes, and encourage each other. They know they are on the same team. They are not trying to compete over who deserves the most, to be the favorite parent or to receive the most attention.

3. They do not attack each other

You will not see mentally strong couples insulting each other or making false accusations. They do not blame each other for their feelings, problems, or behavior. Instead, they take responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

4. They do not manipulate each other

They don’t use deceptive or passive-aggressive tactics to get the other person to do something. Instead, they influence each other in a healthy and direct way. They are open about their concerns and expectations.

5. They don’t hold grudges

Even in healthy relationships, unintentional disappointment, pain, and mistakes do happen. Therefore, couples apologize to each other when they are wrong. They forgive each other when they make mistakes. They don’t try to punish each other by resenting each other’s mistakes.

6. They don’t ignore each other’s feelings.

It can be difficult to understand another’s feelings. It is even more important not to devalue the feelings of others, even if they are not always understandable.

In healthy relationships and mentally strong couples, partners acknowledge each other’s feelings—both are entitled to their own feelings, no matter what they are.

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