7 phrases that will strengthen your child’s spirit

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7 phrases that will strengthen your childs spirit

The 7 phrases that strengthen your child’s spirit, are taken from the bookThe Seven Spiritual Laws of the Good Father”, by Deepak Chopra. Throughout life, everyone has searched for answers to deep questions. Many have found them in philosophy, meditation, yoga or religion.

Regardless of which path you have decided to take, the way you have chosen to lead your life has helped you feel better about yourself.

Although your pilgrimage has been long, your son’s will not have to be the same. You will help him when necessary and you will tell him that anything is possible if he believes in himself. The 7 phrases that we are going to enumerate can be of great help.

We often wonder why we are in this world, and there are many theories about it. The truth is that very few people know how to respond to a child who asks questions like: “what is my talent” or “what is the spirit.”

Many parents find it difficult to come to grips with questions like this, as the answers are too complex or abstract for them.

The 7 phrases that strengthen your child’s spirit

These phrases can serve as a guide to be able to have deeper conversations with your child.

1. Everything is possible

With this phrase you will make your child understand that, whatever happens, there is nothing in this world that has the power to limit us, except ourselves. Never stop telling him that anything is possible if he believes in himself.

2. If you want to get something, go for it

Try to get what you propose

It is important to learn from an early age that “Giving is the secret of abundance”. To get love you also have to give it. This advice applies to feelings as well as respect and material things.

3. When a decision is made, the future changes

When you make a choice that brings joy and success to others, these two elements also enter your life as a result. You always have to choose, even as a child. Teach your child to do it conscientiously.

4. Don’t resist, go with the flow

This phrase refers to the fact that one should enjoy every activity one undertakes in life. For example, work should be seen as a game, not a punishment, but to experience this feeling one must find enjoyment in any action.

As a parent, you can turn a chore into a game by removing the pressure that makes fun impossible. These pressures can include warnings, threats, ultimatums, blame, and offers of money or other rewards for work done.

5. Every time you want something, plant a seed.

What we long for determines what we get, especially if the desire comes from the heart. That is why it is important that you teach your children to choose well what they do, because they will undoubtedly achieve it.

6. Enjoy the trip

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Internalizing that everything in life is an experiment requires spiritual maturity. The idea that your child learns to enjoy the path of life without anxiety is essential for him to learn that the fun in life is discovering how much we still have to learn, and that on this path there are no failures, but rather it is more about experience and experiment.

It is important that your son take himself as a philosophy of life, that the more adventures he has, the better.

7. You are here for a reason

From an early age you must understand that you are here for a reason, and that could be smiling at grandma, watering a plant, and taking care of a sibling. It is valuable to make your child understand that what matters is the way you face life, for example, smiling despite everything will give meaning to existence.

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