7 plants for the bedroom to get better dreams

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7 plants for the bedroom to get better dreams

If we talk about an authentic space of ours, it is undoubtedly the bedroom. Four walls that reflect plans, dreams and secrets, but that, like the human being, changes over time, so if you are looking to renovate your room, an excellent option is plants, as some of them take care of your dreams.

Plants for the bedroom and get a better sleep

The stress of everyday life are the main causes that our night rest is not very restful and the worst thing is that we have nightmares. According to studies, interaction with plants reduces physical and psychological stress, in addition to stimulating feelings of comfort and calm.

1. gardenia

It has an intense perfume, which in addition to its beauty create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. This plant has an effect similar to that of painkillers. It must be taken care of periodically, since it requires constant watering.

2. Bamboo palm

Purifies the air and harmonizes the environment, its greatest effect comes at night. Having an exotic touch, its decorative touch is unique. Keep their soil moist, you can also have them in water and in a place with lots of light.

3. Jasmine

It has a sweet aroma, it is used as a relaxant, analgesic and antidepressant. It needs a lot of light and regular watering.

4.Aloe vera

This plant purifies the air, during the night it emits oxygen. In addition, the pulp of its leaves has properties that promote skin health. It needs light and watering once a week.

5. Lavender

The aroma given off by its flowers slows down the heart rate and inhibits the production of cortisol (stress hormone). It needs limited light and frequent water.

6. English ivy

It can improve allergy and asthma symptoms, but it is often toxic to children and pets, so it should be in a hanging pot. It needs moderate exposure to sunlight.

7. Peace Lily

This plant can remove some microbes from the air, which can cause allergies and irritation of the nose. Keep it in the shade.

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