8 haircuts that slim a round face

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The hair, the clothes you wear and the accessories can make all the difference. If you want a change of look that slims your figure, nothing better than getting a haircut that slims your face.

Round face shapes are complemented by a myriad of hairstyles; certainly there is no one style that should be considered completely “out of limits”. But if your goal is to trick the eyes and create more definition and lengthen the face, there are certain looks that will do just that.

Haircuts that will slim your face

The trick here is to strike the perfect balance in hair shape, as round face shapes are less suited to a very sleek or very voluminous style.

1. Bob with deep side part

You may have heard that people with round faces should stay away from bobs, however, that is not entirely true. Michelle Williams’ bob cut works because the length sits just below the jawline to give the illusion of a longer face. Plus, the deep side parting is super slimming.

2. Smooth and elegant

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Mila Kunis’ long straight hair is flattering because it’s highlighted at the root and parted down the center to add a little flair. To complete the look, she lightly mists with texture spray to give the hair added texture, volume, and attitude.

3. Loose updo

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Updos are another tricky area for anyone with a round face, but the reality is that you can pull off this look with no problem. Try a low, messy bun with, and this is key, a few tendrils around the face to soften. And be sure to opt for a side line like Emma Stone’s.

4. Wavy Bob

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Miranda Kerr dazzles with this cut and style, and it is just one of her many amazing cuts that she has sported. The layers allow volume, which she has enhanced with curls. To add volume and body, she lets your hair fall upside down while you dry it.

5. Beach waves

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This hairstyle is not too voluminous, but it has just enough height to give the impression that Drew Barrymore’s face is a little longer. The waves around his face also give the illusion that he is slimmer. To recreate this look, he curls the hair (if it’s not naturally wavy) before spraying it with texturizing spray.

6. Curtain Bangs

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Kirsten Dunst’s curtain bangs are soft and brush the lashes. The slight line down the middle keeps them from being too heavy for a round face. To achieve this look, she uses a good volumizing mousse and a medium-sized round brush. Focus on creating volume and bending the hair. If you want more curl, a large flat iron will help.

7. Textured Lob with Sideline

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Selena Gomez’s textured lob is messy in the best possible way. A little height at the crown will perfectly elongate the shape of your face, and the side line will also help complement your shape. To achieve this look, comb your hair just a bit and use a volume-enhancing product.

8. Boho-chic waves

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Long wavy hair with or without bangs is a very boho-chic look that offers many opportunities to play with your style like Zoe Saldana does. For an at-home version of this look, flip your hair while blow-drying on high heat. Once it’s semi-dry, use a round brush to completely dry your hair, which will add volume.

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