8 ideas to decorate a room with plants of all kinds

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8 ideas to decorate a room with plants of all

Your bedroom is a personal haven and should be a place where you enjoy spending time. Whether you’re looking to do something different or just spice up your room, decorate your room with plants is a simple way to improve your own space.

8 ideas to decorate a room with plants

Plants are a beautiful decoration and a healthy addition to your home, so here are some creative ideas on how to decorate a room with plants.

1. Hang pots on a wall or window

decorate a room with plants on the wall

Line tall pots or small pots if you have empty floor space along a wall or window. Decorate a room and filling your walls with natural greenery, you can enhance the look of your room where there was previously empty space.

2. Plants in a corner

decorate a room

Do you have any awkward and unused corner? Fill it with some lovely, low-maintenance plants! Get a group of plants that vary in size and color. Put them in your corner and quickly transform that part of your room into a beautiful space.

To create a more dynamic design, you can get stools and make several levels. Get creative by placing plants with longer leaves on a higher level so they cascade to the floor, or create an ombre effect by arranging plants by shades and shades.

3. Windowsills

decorate a window room

If you have wide enough windows in your room, it will be very easy for you to find a spot with light for plants that love sunlight. If your windowsill is too small, you could install larger shelves. Place a few small plants in small, decorative pots for an instantly updated look.

4. Shelves

decorate a room with plants

If you want to add a more natural texture to the walls, put some shelves around the bedroom and add some plants. Place them with some decorative elements to accentuate the space, or simply use solo plants.

5. Hang plants

decorate the room with hanging plants

Keep floor space freer by hanging potted plants on hooks throughout your room. Unused key and coat hooks are a great way to hang small, dainty planters and small succulents.

If you have several large plants, use strong hooks to hang them from the ceiling to avoid taking up floor space. uses decorative cords to hold the pot.

6. Put plants on your nightstand

decorate a room with plants on the table

Placing plants on a nightstand is one of the easiest ways to start decorate a room with plants. Simply match a pot to your décor and choose your favorite plant to instantly refresh your room.

7. Accent with a wall of greenery

decorate a room with a wall of plants

If you have enough space on your wall, show that you know how to decorate by growing your own wall plant. Use an outdoor trellis to support vine plants and place it on a blank wall so your plant takes center stage.

However, if you’re not looking to keep a live plant, you can substitute faux plants or a wall of moss.

8. Use the head of your bed

decorate a room with plants on the bed

Place a few choice plants on your headboard if it’s wide enough. Put a large plant in the middle and accent with other decorative items, or use a series of smaller plants to create a more uniform look.

Play with the heights of smaller plants and pots for an extra touch of interest. Or just let a single plant be enough of an accent for the other headboard decorations.

Decorating with plants can be extremely rewarding. Although you may just be looking for some creative ideas on how to decorate a room with plants, be sure to take note of the care for your new plants.

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