8 signs that you are lacking certain vitamins

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8 signs that you are lacking certain vitamins

Vitamins are substances that the body does not synthesize, but are necessary in small quantities for the normal functioning of metabolism. They are divided into fat-soluble (A, D, E, K) and water-soluble (B complex vitamins, vitamin C).

Vitamin deficiency is mainly seen in developing countries. However, deficiencies (eg, thiamin, vitamins D and C) also occur in developed countries.

Signs of vitamin deficiencies

Learn below the signs that your body lacks certain vitamins and nutrients.

  1. Lips that “crack” and bleed: Usually due to lack of vitamin B.
  2. You get sick often: You may be deficient in vitamins A and C and zinc, which is a trace mineral necessary for the formation of white blood cells.
  3. Poor night vision: Vision difficulties indicate a lack of vitamin A. This is a fat-soluble vitamin that you should consume in apricots, carrots, potatoes, avocados, and tomatoes.
  4. Joint pain: Perhaps due to lack of vitamins B, C and D, which are crucial for strengthening capillaries, bones and ligaments.
  5. Hair loss: If it is not the result of a hormonal disorder, you may be deficient in iron, protein and zinc.
  6. Black spots on the skin: If it is not a reaction to any substance, it is an indication of a deficiency of vitamins C, K, B12 or folic acid.
  7. You are constantly cold: This is a typical sign of anemia. It would be a good idea to monitor your blood iron levels.
  8. Your tongue is smooth and pale: A symptom that shows a lack of iron, folic acid and vitamin B12.

In the following link you can get extensive information on vitamin and nutritional deficiencies.

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