9 black flowers to have a gothic garden

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9 black flowers to have a gothic garden

If you are tired of the usual plants destined for your garden and want something different, this new trend will excite you, it is about black flowers to create a more “gothic” garden.

You can create wonderful contrasts and add drama to your garden by planting some of the following dark flowering plants.

Black flowers to have a different and gothic garden

Dark plants are not a common choice and therefore one thing is certain: your garden will stand out. So, if you like the idea of ​​a gothic garden with dark colors, see below what your options are for choosing the best black flowers.

1. Black Centaurs

They are beautiful and we usually find them on farms. Their intense color is very dramatic and they need a lot of sun. The “plus” is the fact that butterflies prefer them and you will have them in your garden.

2. Black pansies

Pansies, in addition to being very beautiful, do not need extensive care. Therefore, it is the easiest way to incorporate the new trend into your garden. Plant them in late winter and in a spot that gets some sun.

3. Black tulip

It is also called the Queen of the Night and is one of the most famous tulips. Its color varies from very dark to light purple. Plant it in February to see it bloom in April.

4. Black Hollycocks (Black Nigra Hollycock)

You have surely seen this plant growing on farms or along a fence. If the area has plenty of sun and well-moistened soil, it can reach up to 2 meters and become particularly impressive.

5. Black Lilies Kala

Black Lilies Kala

A wonderful plant with a black color at its base that gradually turns purple on the leaves. Plant them in a pot in the fall, leave it in the sun and you will see them bloom in early summer.

6. Mondo black grass

This special grass can be an element of great beauty in your garden. It can reach great heights and is an excellent option if you have rocks in your garden, simply plant it at the base and you will have some gothic looking black flowers for your outdoor space.

7. Black Scabioza

Black Scabioza is a dark flower with reddish and blue tones

A very beautiful plant usually has pink or purple petals. However, its black version (which actually blushes) allows you to incorporate the dark color into your garden or terrace. You will see it bloom in 70 days.

8. Black petunia

The black petunia also has the name “Black Velvet”. And the truth is that its leaves are so velvety that it will undoubtedly stand out among the other plants in your garden. Plant it in early spring in a sunny spot.

9.Bat Flower

Bat Flower one of the most striking dark flowers

Exactly this is its name and you can imagine the reason. Its very special shape that makes it look like a bat, this black flower is sure to impress anyone who visits your garden.

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