9 Habits That Steal Happiness From Your Life

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9 Habits That Steal Happiness From Your Life

When things are going well in our lives, we can feel happy. But the really complicated thing is to be good to yourself and not fall into sadness when things get complicated. Obviously, when it comes to happiness, our environment counts. But the person who ultimately decides whether you’re right or wrong is you.

Being happy all the time is impossible, but it is possible to avoid a series of bad habits that lead to unhappiness. Accepting that you are not happy right now, fighting for your dreams or spending more time with family or friends are behaviors that can help us to be in a more or less stable state of happiness.

Harmful habits of unhappy people

But what habits or customs are characteristic of chronically unhappy people? What are the characteristics of people who spend most of their time in a state of misery? We explain them below.

1. They criticize themselves too much

Loving ourselves is not always easy because we live in a very competitive society. But realizing the value and strength we have can help you be happy and increase your self-confidence.

If you have a lot of confidence in yourself, others will respect you and most importantly, you will show that you respect yourself. Chronically unhappy people tend to disrespect themselves and criticize themselves over and over again. That is why it is important to accept the negative things that can happen to us in life and recognize that we all make mistakes. Even yourself.

2. They complain and complain about everything

And of course making mistakes isn’t always easy, but it is a possibility. After all, the way out of this negative spiral is the attitude we have. If we know how to recognize when we are carrying out certain harmful habits, these can be changed. Dissatisfied people constantly complain and instead of trying to improve, they are falling for them again and again.

3. Unhappy people are in constant denial of reality

Chronically unhappy people are often in denial. They prefer not to face problems out of fear. For example, it is easier to make excuses than to assume that we may have done something wrong.

However, avoiding problems does not make them go away. On the contrary, it can backfire, making them even bigger. It is a defense mechanism that can chronically block people.

4. They blame others for their own failures.

One of the most common reactions when we do not face reality is to blame others. For example, if you get fired from your job, it’s easier to blame your boss for not understanding you than to assume that you may not be doing your job as you should.

Chronically unhappy people use these types of strategies to reduce the suffering or anxiety of looking forward to life. It is definitely an act of cowardice.

5. They never leave their comfort zone

The comfort zone is a mental state that does not allow personal growth. This is a place that may seem nice in the short term, but can turn very negative in the long term. And it is that the anxiety that some feel due to fear can stagnate them in this state of mind, which is not a positive thing.

6. Unhappy people require the approval of others.

Chronically unhappy people look for happiness where they shouldn’t. This type of individual spends a lot of time thinking about what others think of him, so he is more concerned with the approval of others than with finding and realizing what he likes.

This mistake can be fatal to self-esteem and is a harmful habit used by unhappy people.

7. They do not live in the present

Chronically unhappy people live immersed in their expectations and do not enjoy the here and now, which is the present. They can also live from the past, so they live far from the present reality and do not connect with themselves. It is difficult to be happy with the ruminant mind of this type of individual.

8. They live worried about what they do not have

If you don’t appreciate what you have and focus on what you don’t have, you will certainly not be satisfied. Chronically dissatisfied people think like this and focus on material things to be happy. True happiness is in the little things in life. Happiness is in yourself, not in others or in objects.

9. They are not only unhappy, they are jealous, sad and envious

Jealousy, envy, and dissatisfaction are the deadly sins of chronically unhappy people. If you always compare yourself to others and also feel some of these three harmful habits, it’s time to change your attitude.

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