9 questions we are afraid to ask ourselves

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9 questions we are afraid to ask ourselves

You may not like the answers. But if you don’t ask yourself important things in your life, it will be much more difficult to know how to develop yourself as a person.

Why is it important to ask deep questions?

When we ask ourselves questions, we are focusing our attention on a particular point of our life, which deserves attention, many times we fear the answers we can give, since they could uncover something that we have kept hidden from ourselves, such as a means of defense.

However, the healthiest thing, on an emotional level, is ask ourselves deep questions to dig out our inner truthsand thus be able to know better what we need to develop.

I have compiled questions that lead us to important topics. Those that we prefer not to think about, but that are necessary for our development.

1. Why do I take pleasure in my weaknesses?

We do not think about the origin of our habits. It doesn’t matter if it’s harmful or beneficial. Over time, it seems like this is just an obligatory part of life: smoking a cigarette, eating junk food, drinking beers thinking it is. as we are.

Unfortunately, most of our weaknesses are trying to drown out insecurities and neuroses. And without paying attention to them, we will not be able to tackle the solution of the problems in a profound way.

2. Why didn’t my life plans come true?

Everyone loved to imagine what we wanted to be as children when we reached adulthood. What to become, what to achieve, who to look like, what freedoms we could enjoy, etc. When was the last time you reviewed these plans, when did you last ask yourself what you really want?

It’s sad to admit, but stability trumps personal choice and we equate wishes with dreams. So it should come as no surprise that they never came to fruition.

3. What do I expect from life?

People are constantly waiting for something. Sometimes from life in general, sometimes from other people: «And why don’t the people around me behave as I intended?«

Let me tell you a secret: the only way to meet your expectations is to do it yourself. Are you waiting for justice? Be fair. Are you waiting for love? love.

4. Why don’t I do things?

The very fact that a person regularly procrastinates is a sign of intense insecurity. He thinks he will fail or things will go wrong. Nobody likes to admit it.

It could also be a problem with choosing tasks and jobs, but in that case, why not change jobs?

5. What have I done today to make my life easier?

We are afraid of this question, because often the answer is “nothing”. A routine that repeats a boring scenario prevents us from enjoying life. But happiness is in the details, in the little things that are highly valued. You just need to add them to the schedule.

6. Why do I cling to what is time to leave behind?

Complaints and mistakes of the past: there are people who cannot live a day without reminding someone. It’s an easy way to shrug off responsibility. “I’m not like that, life is like that.” Does it sound familiar to you?

Holding on to what happened to us is a way of not facing our present and being able to give our lives another direction.

7. Do I like myself?

This is the question underlying self-esteem. It is easy to answer it once, but the effect is only given by regularity. It may be easy to answer, but the answer may be easier if we are in a situation where we feel comfortable, but how about asking ourselves the same thing when we are in an uncomfortable environment?

We also need to take care of that other part that we hide, the one that we consider something bad and defective, because in the long run, that is also who we are.

8. How do I live?

The most difficult question. You should ask yourself that question regularly and give an honest answer on a regular basis.

Our daily behavior is a miniature reflection of our attitude towards life. If today we succumb to anger, why do we think that tomorrow we will be free of it?

This question brings you back to the present moment and shows you what to work on.

9. Who am I?

This question can have many meanings, it can be a definition in ethical, academic, labor or even spiritual terms; however, the real question is who am I in total?

We are like a big tree, including the roots, the branches must grow equally, so much so that the roots do not succumb to the tree, so it is important to add all the parts and truly understand who we are, with all the defects and virtues .

Start now

Surely while reading the article, you shuffled some options for the answers that you could probably give in your case.

Take five minutes to go into yourself a little and explore yourself. And remember: sometimes the question can be the answer.

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