98-year-old mother moved into a residence to care for her 80-year-old son

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98 year old mother moved into a residence to care for her

This story will make you understand once again that a mother never stops being a mother even if her son is 80 years old. Read it to increase positivity and happiness in your life.

There is no denying the fact that there is no purer love than a mother’s love, since she is the one who not only gives birth to her child, but also dedicates her life to taking good care of him.

For a mother, her son is her whole world and she simply cannot see tears in her son’s eyes. A mother never differentiates between a son and a daughter, but today we are going to talk only about the mother-son relationship and tell you about a mother-son duo who are inseparable.

The son’s name is Tom Keating and the 80-year-old currently lives in the nursing home. Moss View in Huyton, Liverpool.

She moved here in 2016 because she needed more care and attention than other people her age. But do you really feel that someone can take good care of him besides his mother?

Mother with her son

She moved into the nursing home to be close to her son.

The mother’s name is Ada Keating and she is 98 years old. Ada decided to move into the nursing home because she wanted to help the nursing home staff take care of her son, Tom.

Ada’s devotion to her son is incredible, as she herself is close to 100 years old, and despite being so old, she can’t stop thinking about her son.

Ada and her husband Harry Keating had a total of four children, of whom Tom was the eldest, followed by Barbara, Margi and Janet.

Unfortunately, the family lost Janet when she was only 13 years old. Ada herself also has experience in caring for people, as she used to work as an auxiliary nurse at a hospital known as the old Mill Road Hospital.

Tom was a painter by trade and used to work as a decorator for HE Simm Building Services which was situated on Prescot Street. Tom’s relationship with Ada is quite special, as Tom never married and lived with his mother for his entire life.

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They are both originally from Wavertree and like to spend their time playing or watching Emmerdale. Before going to sleep, Ada says good night to Tom in her room and in the morning she goes to her room to say good morning.

Ada says that a mom never stops being a mom, no matter how old her child is. For a mother, her son is always a little boy and she will treat him only like that.

A child may try to convince his mother that he has grown up, but for her nothing ever changes.

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