A bad relationship is as bad as smoking and sedentary life

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A bad relationship is as bad as smoking and sedentary

Bad habits such as smoking, lack of physical activity and excessive alcohol consumption may be associated with a shorter life expectancy, but the same seems to cause a bad relationship … And this is proven by various studies.

According to researchers at the Tel Aviv University School of Public Health, the factor that threatens your longevity as much as smoking and sedentary living is a “bad” marriage. The research was published in the journal Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Increased risk associated with cardiovascular problems

Israeli men who were unhappy with their marriage were 94% more likely to have a stroke during the study’s three decades of follow-up and 21% more likely to die of any cause.

By comparison, the corresponding risk of death from smoking was 37% and from sedentary living 21%, the researchers said.

How do you explain the findings of scientists?

One possible explanation is that men who are unhappy in their marriage may be more likely to have problems such as depression, anxiety and stress, factors that increase the risk of stroke.

In addition, experts explain, they are more likely to try to cope by adopting unhealthy options such as alcohol consumption, smoking and poor diet.

The study involved 9,000 men who were followed for 32 years.

The findings are in line with previous research showing that “bad” marriages can affect the longevity of men and women.

On the other hand, a 2019 study published in Psychological Science showed that living happily with a spouse can reduce the risk of death from any cause by up to 13% during the eight years of follow-up of study participants.

The researchers also point out that the formation of a family is generally associated with the longevity of the parents.

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