A child’s confidence comes from parents who believe in him

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A childs confidence comes from parents who believe in him

A healthy sense of self-esteem is one of the most important foundations a child can develop. It is one of the keys to a child’s health and well-being, as well as their social, intellectual, behavioral, and emotional health, and will play a key role in how they handle setbacks, peer pressure, and other challenges. on the path of life.

Self-esteem is basically how the child sees and perceives himself and his ability to do things.

It is also directly related to how much you feel loved and how much support and encouragement – or criticism – you receive from important people in your life, such as your parents.

The role of parents and the child’s trust

If a child feels that he can, feels capable and has self-confidence, it is very likely that he has a family behind him who first believed in him.

Give love to the child every day.

When the child knows how much you love him, he has a sense of security and acceptance that is important for him to form his image of himself, his self-image. Your love will lay the foundation for the healthy and strong relationships that you will form later in life. Hug your child when you say goodbye and say hello, relax together and read a book, and show him that you love him in many ways, every day.

Play with the child and have fun

When you play with your child, you show him that you enjoy spending time with him and that you value his company. Having fun with your child has many benefits: not only will the child develop confidence in their ability to be an interesting and fun person who can form strong social bonds, but studies have shown that it increases a child’s chances of being happy and prevents depression risk. Anxiety is reduced when parents play with them.

Giving confidence to a young child

give him responsibilities

Being responsible for doing age-appropriate chores gives a child a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Even if he doesn’t do something perfectly, if he knows that you appreciate his effort, and if you praise him for all the things he does well, you will see that over time he will improve in many things.

Let your child be independent

The elementary school years are a time of rapid development of independence in children. By the time they reach middle school, many children begin to spend time at home alone or go to school on their own and help younger siblings. It is important for parents to allow children to grow more and more independently.

Never insult or belittle your child

When your child does something that drives you crazy, don’t panic. Don’t argue about it when it’s full of people. Gently remove the child and speak to him in a pleasant and friendly tone. When you remain calm, when you maintain your kindness and composure, then the child also regains self-control more quickly and easily.

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