A grandmother lives and breathes for her grandchildren

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A grandmother’s love for her grandchildren is immense and impressive! Truly, these women live and breathe for our children and we owe them a huge “thank you” for all they have done and continue to do for us.

Therefore, to show them how much we love them, we dedicate this tender text to them.

How Grandma Influences Grandchildren

In our time, most couples have become independent from the parental home and we observe that the nuclear family model is more prevalent.

At the same time, daycare centers offering various childcare and employment services for young children have multiplied. Consequently, this situation has contributed to a great extent to the underestimation of the role of the elderly, grandparents in care, but above all in the emotional support they provide to their grandchildren.

The grandmother feels closer to her grandchildren

Grandmothers may feel more emotionally attached to their grandchildren than to their own children, a small new US scientific study shows for the first time.

The study found that grandmothers’ brains exhibited greater emotional arousal and showed stronger traces of empathy when they viewed photos of their grandchildren than of their sons or daughters. This probably explains the experience of many adult children and married families, who see their parents enjoying contact with their grandchildren more than with their own children.

Grandmas are a true treasure for children and no one can argue with that. It’s a fact (and it’s often said) that their grandchildren are double their children and they make sure to prove it every day.

However, this love sometimes becomes the reason why all our hard training efforts as parents go wrong. And so, many times we fear that the influence of grandmothers will be enough to turn our children into spoiled and disobedient creatures.

However, a grandmother’s love is not measured by the amount of pampering or by being permissible, this goes much further. Those who have truly experienced a grandmother’s love and care for her know perfectly well that this has brought great benefits to her emotional well-being.

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