A perfect entrance for your house following Feng Shui

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A perfect entrance for your house following Feng Shui

We all want to return to a happy home after a long day, where we can recharge our energy; and as is well known the first thing we find when we arrive, but also the last thing we see when leaving is the entrance.

How to have a perfect entrance in our home

According to the principles of Feng Shui, the entrance of the house must be “clear” so that the energy flows and at the same time is clean and airy. Eliminating clutter and creating a functional and pleasant space will give us peace and a positive environment.

1. Limit clutter

The entrance gives the atmosphere to the whole house and therefore must always be tidy. Try to create organization systems that keep clutter to a minimum, and choose furniture and accessories that keep hallways open.

2. Add plants to the entrance

Plants to add to the entrance of the home according to Feng Shui

Plants are a key ingredient in Feng Shui and will help you create a beautiful entryway. Choose plants with round leaves instead of pointed ones.. Choose your plants taking into account the size of your space and its natural light.

3. Base lighting

When paying attention to lighting, try to have different light sources at different heights. A ceiling lamp and a lamp or a couple of sconces, for example. If there is a window and you don’t want to be seen, consider putting up blinds.

4. Pay attention to the position of the mirror

How to add a mirror to the entrance of the home according to Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, when the mirror is directly in front of the door, chi (ie good energy) escapes. It is preferable to place the mirror perpendicular to the door, perhaps on a console.

This layout will create space for keys and other items and allow you to take a quick look before you leave the house.

5. Doors that do not open properly should be fixed

If the door is stuck or won’t open and close like it should, make sure to fix it. According to Feng Shui, troublesome doors deprive you of opportunities in life. So, correct any issues with your front door by doing a quick check of the hinges and lock. Also, if you need to paint, do it as soon as possible.

6. Add some crystals and stones

A piece of black tourmaline at the entrance will protect the good energy and keep it at home. Amethyst is also another good option that will “cleanse” the energy, as it neutralizes negativity and radiates optimism.

Do not forget also that crystals are wonderful decorative elements that will embellish the entrance of your home.

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