angel baby names

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angel baby names

Yes, we all know a couple who had it perfectly clear when choosing the name of their baby. Not only did they not need months to think about it and a long list of options to gradually eliminate from the shortlist, but also the name they chose for their baby seemed perfect to everyone as soon as they met him.

What also tends to happen to all of us is that when it’s our turn, history changes. It is not very well known if it is due to Murphy’s Law or any other divine cause, but when we have to do things in the first person, all the difficulties and inconveniences begin to be present.

If we talk about choosing a name, we may even have the feeling that none in the entire universe is valid.

Choosing an angel name for the baby

Made this introduction to calm down and see that none of us are perfect, now I tell you that we must not lose our cool.

Finding a name for your baby can be a daunting task, but the good news is that you don’t rely on inspiration or infused science. The best solution in these cases is to find out about the tactics and techniques used by the majority until you find the right name.

As if it were about finding a needle in a haystack, finding the ideal name for our baby is usually recognized because from the moment you discover it, it pleases your ear.

There are many ways to find names, you can bet on names from other countries or cultures, bet on construction techniques from other words, or you can also opt for the most classic inspirations.

Angel names for boys

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On this occasion I am going to focus on this last trend, under which we can find two great currents. There are those who bet on the saints to baptize their little ones with the name of the saint of the day, and there are also those who bet on an angel name. Is it because of what the creature comes out with a good heart?


Although it is very obvious, the first angel name for a boy is his own Angel. It is a name that has its origin in the Greek language and whose meaning would come to be that of messenger.

It is worth saying that this name also has variants in a compound form such as Miguel Angeland if you are afraid that it might be too common, you can think of its alternative version in another language, like ‘Ange’ (in French).


The second angel name that I present to you is from Ariel. Despite the fact that many may relate the term to the movie The Little Mermaid, the truth is that this name has the meaning of lion or ‘altar of god‘. A fairly strong name that, in addition to being original, promises a quite artistic side.


Of Hebrew origin it is name Jofiel. Its meaning is that of ‘beauty of God’, but it is not an exclusively aesthetic appellation, since among its translations we also find the one that alludes to the representation of wisdom and understanding. This is a name that seems quite balanced and also offers a certain character when it comes to pronunciation.


The name Gabriel is very biblical, quite well known nowadays and which logically has a meaning related to God. This nickname can be translated as ‘Man of God’ or ‘Fortress of God’, and its origin is also Hebrew. We are probably facing an option for religious parents or Catholic believers, at least. Although you never know…


Finally, the name catches my attention. Seraph. This name is not in very common use, at least in my experience, but I find its meaning very interesting. It can be translated as fiery or incandescent, two words that have a lot to do with the desire to live and discover the world. Two ideas that from my point of view should be present in any neonate.

Why is the meaning of a name important?

Now that we know some names of angels and their meaning, you may think that the vast majority of people do not pay attention to what may be behind these names.

It is not a very misguided opinion, since as happens for example with Gabriel, it is a name so present in our society that it is rare if we are curious to find out what is behind the name.

However, one thing is the society that surrounds us and another ourselves. Who more who less has stopped to think at some point about the reason for its name, a task that is currently very easy to carry out thanks to the Internet. It is at that moment when the choice you make regarding the name to baptize your child will have value.

Possibly, a name is not going to mark a person’s behavior in a notable way, but it is going to give him a relationship with respect to its meaning and it is going to position him in one way or another. Hence, a name with positive connotations can always be considered as a personality booster.

Angel names for girls

1671050833 363 angel baby names

Look, it has been said times that angels do not have sex or gender, but it seems that the story changes if we look at the moment of naming our baby.


Thus, just as for boys we had the nickname Ángel, for girls we find its feminine in the form of Angela. Of course, the meaning remains unchanged, even if we add a final ‘a’.


michaela It is one of the most used names of angels in the Hispanic language. Translated as ‘who is like God’, this name frequently gives rise to abbreviations. In any case, Mica or Micaela is a name that tends to please the ear quite often.


We enter the field of less frequent or somewhat unknown names with Haniel. An appellation with the meaning of ‘the grace of God’ that we can give our girl if we think that she has been touched with the magic wand and has been born with the gift of doing great things in this world. I know, what parents don’t think this of her newborn offspring?


Finally, we have the name remiel for lovers of exotic or unusual names. Remiel will be one of those names that are not easily forgotten or that quickly stay in our minds, despite its meaning being that of ‘exaltation’ or ‘God’s mercy’. In short, a name that can easily be unique in the environment in which your baby develops.

Choosing a baby’s name

As you will have been able to verify, once a field is chosen on which to investigate, the appearance of names and options can be unlimited.

Personally, I think the key when choosing a baby name should be to mix search with inspiration in equal parts. In this way we will have a most optimal and possibly the most satisfactory process.

Obviously, looking for names, trends, ideas, and etc., is going to end up being overwhelming for your mind. It is easy for you to end up with a lot of mess or a significant congestion in the mind, but you have to understand this as only the first step in the process. The idea is as simple as acquiring knowledge and information and leaving them ‘at rest’ inside our little head.

Once a reasonable amount of time has elapsed, it is very possible that the light bulb ends up turning on. Some of the names consulted will appear as the ideal choice above the rest and, in addition, you will have the security of having consulted many other options to know that this is the ideal option. So that later they say that studying and investigating is useless!

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