Avoid buccal fat removal surgery with these 4 exercises

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Avoid buccal fat removal surgery with these 4 exercises

You may have heard all sorts of things about the hottest cosmetic surgery of the year: the “bichectomy” or buccal fat removal. Popularized by celebrities and models, the surgery aims to remove a portion of buccal fat below the cheekbones to create a hollow effect that makes the cheekbones stand out more.

However, it is not without risk. Asymmetry, facial nerve injury, and infection are all possible (especially if you don’t see a highly trained and qualified plastic surgeon).

If you’re already lacking enough meat in that area, you could be left with a much more hollow appearance than you’d like. Not to mention: factors like aging, which results in the natural reduction of facial volume, can lead you to look for ways to reverse the effects of the procedure (through fillers or fat replacement) years later.

Avoid buccal fat removal surgery with these 4 exercises

There are perfectly safe or risk-free ways to tone your cheekbones through facial massage at home. While there is no data that facial massage and exercise can reduce facial fat, these movements are safe, feel relaxing, and can help sculpt your jawline and cheeks.

Here are four morning facial exercises instead of the buccal fat surgery that can very well replace these invasive procedures.

Comprehensive facial massage

There are facial massage techniques that tighten the skin and a very current tool for these beauty goals are massagers «Ice Globes«, to contour the cheeks.

They are round, liquid-filled glass tools that provide a cooling effect when chilled in the refrigerator overnight. They stimulate and exercise the facial nerves and muscles, and tighten the skin. Additionally, they are used in facials to soothe redness and reduce inflammation and the appearance of enlarged pores.

young woman massage face

Follow the steps below to create a facial self-massage using this tool:

  1. Start at the top of the forehead and continue towards the temples.
  2. Start at the edge of the eyebrows and continue towards the temples
  3. Lightly press under the eyes and roll towards the temples.
  4. Press under the nose and outline under the cheekbones, then roll to the front of the ears.
  5. Trace the jaw to the ears
  6. Press firmly below the ears and pull down towards the clavicle.

cheekbone massage

woman black hair white blouse massaging cheekbones

Following the objective of achieving a better structure in your cheekbones, seeking to highlight them, this massage focuses on the muscles in that area and is very relaxing:

  1. Place your fingers over the cheekbones and gently lift the skin up.
  2. As you do this, open your mouth and form an oval “O”.
  3. Hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds.

More defines the jaw line

Black haired woman jaw

For a more toned jaw, try these exercises in the morning:

  • Tilt your head back and place your lower lip over your upper lip.
  • Continue to stretch your neck while holding this position for 10-15 seconds.

Fish face

woman fish lips

Given the the effect of buccal fat removal mimics the face of a fish, this is aptly named and can help tone cheek muscles for a slimmer face.

  1. Suction your cheeks and hold the position for 20 seconds.
  2. Take a break and repeat the exercise several times to feel its effect.
  3. Add a few facial exercises to your morning coffee, shower, and hydration routine, and your facial muscles will feel toned and relaxed—without costing a dime.

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