Avoid These Foods If You Want To Get Rid Of Pimples And Blackheads

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Avoid These Foods If You Want To Get Rid Of

What you eat can benefit your skin and your health, or it can harm them, depending on the diet you eat your skin can be healthier or full of pimples and pimples, know the foods that produce pimples and pimples, which you should avoid if you suffer from acne.

Even when the pimples and blackheads they appear due to inflammation, oxidation, stress, blood sugar, age, other conditions, etc.; a poor diet can make the situation worse, there are some foods that cause pimples and pimples to appear on your face, back and even on your buttocks.

Foods that cause pimples and pimples

There are many myths surrounding the acne diet. Are chocolate, milk and sugar really bad for your skin? Read on to find out what the research says about it.

Every body reacts differently and not all people tolerate everything equally well. Our digestive tract is not a sealed system, but is constantly in exchange with the rest of our body. Countless factors, such as hormones, intestinal flora, intolerances, stress or illness can even temporarily make us more sensitive to certain foods.

But some foods are always negative in studies on pimples and acne. And researchers know today: there is a clear connection between diet and skin texture.

In addition to a varied diet with lots of fresh, natural foods, it is necessary to consider certain foods before eliminating them completely, and to really know what the ingredients that should be discarded may be.

Does chocolate make your skin happy?

Yes and no. The cocoa present in chocolate gives it its benefit. According to studies, it does not affect acne and even contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances that keep the skin in optimal condition. The problem with chocolate is not the cocoa, but the sugar and other additives like milk powder and other unhealthy ingredients.

Chocolate shouldn’t be ruled out, however, you should opt for dark chocolate or prepare an unsweetened cocoa powder, a little coconut oil and a milk alternative of your choice.

Do dairy products promote acne?

A lots of studies have found associations between acne and consumption of dairy products. However, the results are rarely clear, as other influencing factors cannot be excluded.

Cow’s milk contains many growth hormones that can upset the balance of testosterone in the human body and promote inflammatory processes. Milk proteins, casein and whey, are also suspected of promoting acne. How exactly this works is not yet clearly understood.

Many people notice an improvement in skin condition when removing dairy products, in a controlled manner. Thanks to almond milk, coconut yogurt and other vegetable milks, you can weigh the abandonment of cow’s milk. Always make sure that vegetable milks are free of added sugars.

Does sugar promote acne?

The so-called “glycemic load” seems to have a big impact on the appearance of acne. This refers to the amount of carbohydrates present and the type of carbohydrates: simple carbohydrates.

A high glycemic load has carbohydrates that can be easily used by the body and quickly enter the bloodstream. Such simple carbohydrates usually come from sweets, white flour products like cakes and pasta, or white rice.

Low glycemic load carbohydrates enter the blood more slowly, causing a weaker insulin response and allowing us to stay full longer. The sugar in the blood causes inflammation, so it is not advisable if you suffer from acne or pimples on the face.

Several studies have shown that a diet low in simple carbohydrates reduces acne, that is, without refined foods, sweets and treats. Apparently, the body produces fewer hormones and growth factors that promote sebum production. The pleasant consequences are smaller sebaceous glands and less inflamed areas for the skin.

Trans fats and good fats

Fat itself is not the culprit, but it is essential for beautiful and firm skin; however, this only applies to good fats. Without these types of good fats, we absorb nutrients poorly and cannot optimally execute hormone production and speed up metabolism.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are the secret ingredient in a diet to improve skin and prevent acne. In particular, they fight inflammation, the recommended foods are seeds, nuts, avocados, fish, flax and chia.

The so-called trans fats cause exactly the opposite and are not good for our skin. They are produced by heating or heavy processing and are found in processed foods, cakes, French fries, fried vegetable oils such as soybean oil or margarine. Sausages and fatty foods should also be avoided.

Bottom line: Forget “low fat” if you want beautiful skin, but incorporate healthy fats into each of your meals. Avoid foods that contain artificially processed trans fatty acids. Examples: butter instead of margarine, cans of sweet potato with avocado dip instead of potato chips, dark chocolate and nuts instead of prepared candy.

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