Bad cleaning habits that mistreat your things

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Bad cleaning habits that mistreat your things

These are the wrong cleaning tips that, instead of cleaning your things, ruin them and can affect their lifespan.

Don’t try to wash carpet stains with water.

When something spills on the carpet, our first reaction is often to try and wash it off with water. We even have the misconception that the more water you pour, the more the stain will be cleaned. And you’re not wrong, the stain will disappear! However, your carpet could be damaged forever in the process.

Therefore, when spilling something on the carpet, you have to be very patient so as not to damage its fibers. You can clean the stain with water, but you should do it with a cotton cloth that is only slightly damp and leave it on the stain to slowly absorb it. Pour some dish soap on the cloth.

Don’t use newspaper to clean windows.

You may have used newspapers to clean the windows in your home in the past, but the reality is that they are not as harmless as they seem. Rubbing the window with newspaper can create small scratches or stains (from the ink) that are not easily removed.

Don’t wash your coffee maker with bleach

Many people use bleach to remove the salts from the coffee pot. This is a big mistake, as there is a chance of lye residue left in the machine which will of course end up in your coffee. To clean the coffee maker better use white vinegar.

Avoid using vinegar to clean everywhere

Vinegar can be used on all types of surfaces, however, there are some materials that should be avoided. Because it is acidic, it can damage stone, marble, and tile, so be careful with these types of surfaces.

It would be best to get special cleaning materials for these types of surfaces.

Don’t clean your cutlery with toothpaste as often.

You can use toothpaste once a year to clean cutlery and give it a shine. However, when toothpaste is used too frequently, it can damage cutlery in the long run.

avoid acetone

Do not use acetone to clean surfaces. For example, if you peel a sticker off your refrigerator and go to clean it with acetone, you will most likely end up discoloring your refrigerator. It is best to use a small amount of baby oil.

Pay attention to what you spray on screens

Computers should be cleaned with a dry cloth or special screen spray. Never clean your computer with window cleaner.

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