Before you go blonde these things you should know for your own good

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Before you go blonde these things you should know for

When you decide to lighten your hair, it’s essential to know what you’re getting into before heading to the salon. Behind every beautiful blonde is a professional (or should be) trained to create the perfect shade, but it’s still important to be prepared to make sure you walk away with the look you envisioned and your beautiful new shade lasts longer between salon visits.

Things you should know for your sake, before going blonde

So if you’re ready to have more fun like only blondes do, read on to find out the top five secrets you need to know before become blonde.

Know your skin undertone

The first thing you should do before taking the step to platinum blonde, for example, is to discover the undertones of your skin.

There are so many different shades of blonde, and not all of them will suit your skin type. From ashy to coppery to more greyish blonde, there are so many directions you can go, but you should always figure out your skin undertone first.

Your skin will have a warm, cool, or mixed undertone, and it’s not too hard to tell which it is. You can often look at your veins, as bluish-purple veins usually mean you’re cool-toned, while greenish-colored veins mean you’re warm. If you have both, then you are a combination.

Now the fun part begins: discovering your perfect shade of blonde. If you are more on the warm side, you want a more golden blonde color. This means more earthy tones and moving away from whiter or ashy blonde tones.

For cool tones, you can use icy, platinum, and very light blonde tones. You can also go for an ashy brown blonde, as these undertones will complement your skin. If you have combination skin, you can do both.

It can take several sessions to get the color of your dreams.

Going blonde can be achieved in one sitting, but it’s actually healthier for your hair to take this process more slowly. decide to go blonde It is not for the faint of heart and it is essential to note that strong agents such as bleach will be used on the hair.

It is advised to do this in several sessions. Being blonde is risky for your hair. The chemicals are strong and can cause you to lose substantial clumps of your hair. Therefore, it is much better to go step by step.

It’s safe to say that the longer it takes you to reach your perfect shade of blonde, the better the health of your hair. Remember, all good things take time.

Invest in high-quality shampoos and conditioners

After your trip to the salon, it is necessary to have products at home that will keep your hair healthy, as well as prevent that new color from fading quickly.

The blond hair It can fade quickly, especially in the summer, so it’s important to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy.

You can also invest in color-depositing shampoos and conditioners that will prevent your blonde locks from dulling over time.

You can prevent fading and also improve the health of your hair by using a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner like Color-Depositing Shampoo.

Lastly, be blonde “by force” as some joke, it will make you have to have a correct hydration. It is essential to keep hair in good condition. Using a deep conditioning treatment once a week can help keep hair hydrated and looking its best.

Toning is key when going blonde

if you’re not one natural blonde, you will need to use a great toner to keep that perfect new sandy hair color you loved from fading. Toners not only enhance your color, but also leave your hair incredibly soft and shiny. While going to the salon for a toning session is recommended, there are toners you can buy for a decent price that will brighten up your locks in just one use.

Going blonde requires persistence with treatments to prevent it from fading quickly. Secret products for keeping blonde hair looking beautiful include toners and glosses.

don’t do it on your own

Generally, going blonde is not something that should be done at home: If you are not a professional, you may damage your hair. If the health and length of your hair are important to you, it is best to hire a well-trained hair colorist to color your precious locks.

Many people try to go blonde on their own or at home, but this is strongly discouraged because using chemicals on your hair to go blonde is risky. If you want to be sure and have the blonde hair color of your dreamssee a hair expert.

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