Being happy is appreciating the small and simple things in life

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Do you experience from time to time a lack of satisfaction and therefore your enthusiasm for life is reduced? Do you have a hard time sometimes? appreciate the positive things and the small details? It is not always very clear where that dissatisfaction comes from, because in reality everything seems to be fine.

It is possible that you have great goals and dreams, but have you not been able to achieve them as you were planning? Did a project fail you? Does your head sink lower and lower?

The enemy in our own head

For most people, after failures, regardless of whether they are small or large, the inner critic reacts immediately: a nasty and ruthless judge. An unscrupulous strict who has no love or goodwill for you. He is very noisy by the way. He sometimes he is much stronger than the voice of your heart and inner wisdom.

  • “You haven’t worked hard enough!”
  • “I told you it wouldn’t work!”
  • “You suck!”
  • “Others can do better than you!”
  • “You are weak and you are not ambitious enough!”
  • “You should have fought harder for it!”

With this type of communication, it is all too understandable if frustration and helplessness come together and increase your dissatisfaction.

People who are full of zest for life and have great vital energy can silence their inner judge. (Or send him to a distant South Seas island for a vacation.) You might as well try it!

We have so many wishes in life and sometimes we become obsessed with fulfilling them. Commitments in our professional and private lives also challenge us strongly. We don’t realize how regularly we overload ourselves, although certain symptoms already hint at it. At worst, we lead to exhaustion or collapse.

How to appreciate the smallest things

  1. “I love what I do?”
  2. “What do my heart and soul really want?”
  3. “If I only had 2 more years to live, would I keep what I’m doing now?”

The best thing would be if we had the courage and confidence to put the answers into action immediately. But that means trying hard and doing our best! You also have to leave the excuses aside why then the change will never come!

Of course, though, you can’t always just turn your reality upside down and appreciate every aspect of life. For many, this is only possible step by step. In addition, the changes also depend on the right time.

Being one hundred percent positive is probably not possible for anyone. However, sometimes we have no choice but to change our thoughts when we want to feel better in the long run and not get into a negative spiral.

Sometimes you have to get off your usual “carousel” for a while. Just stop and think for a moment! Think of all the things you can be thankful for in your life.

  1. “What is working in my life so far?”
  2. “What can I be proud of?”
  3. “For what reasons can I say thank you?”

Are you able to enjoy the moment and appreciate the small and simple things in life? Try it every day! Even if you have to survive parallel to the negative state or have trouble mastering it at first.

Do you notice the little gifts, the simple and precious things that life offers you? Do you see them even if you have not yet reached your big goals and your wishes have not yet been fulfilled? In every moment there is so much wealth around us. That’s easy to recognize! Say no to negative vision!

  • You exist and you live.
  • You can perceive moods and you are able to love and experience love.
  • You have family and friends happy that you exist.
  • Breathing in and out, while being aware of the air that fills your lungs, what a great wonder is your body?
  • You can listen to your favorite music or the voices of nature.
  • You have a functional body, even if something hurts once.
  • You have freedom of choice in addition to your obligations.
  • A smile or a compliment you were given
  • The sun and the sun’s rays that warm your skin (and nature too)
  • The food you have (“Thank you, dear farmers, thank you to those who cooked it!”)
  • A good meeting or a good conversation with other people
  • Essential amenities like clean, warm drinking water (Not standard across the world!)
  • The enjoyment of a delicious coffee, tea or smoothies
  • A big piece of cake you were invited
  • The fact that even before you got up, many people were working for you and making sure that you can live your daily life (for example, public transport and utility staff, bakers, supermarket employees, etc.)
  • Handmade gifts from your children or grandchildren and that you can learn a lot from them
  • A gesture of compassion or if someone listens to you and understands you

Get used to showing your gratitude and living in the moment to appreciate every positive aspect in your life. Then you will receive more gifts over time…

Acknowledging what you already have and what works makes sense, because it promotes joy and quality of life. It all depends on your attitude.

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