Black cumin offers all these benefits with just one teaspoon

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beneficios comino negro

According to the hundreds of scientific articles on the benefits of black cumin, there are few health conditions that are not covered by this incredible oil, which also has no side effects.

The oil comes from the Nigella Sativa plant, native to Asia. The plant has small black crescent-shaped seeds and belongs to the buttercup family. Its use, according to written evidence, dates back to the time of the pharaohs of Egypt.

Cleopatra is said to have owed this oil to her beautiful skin and rich, shiny hair. Hippocrates is also said to have used it to treat digestive problems.

Black cumin offers many benefits due to its properties, which are the following:

  • Antibacterial.
  • pain relievers
  • antifungal.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • antioxidants.
  • Antivirals.
  • Antihypertensives.
  • Regulates hypertension.
  • Activate insulin.

Black cumin oil: 9 reasons to include it in your diet

Many experts claim that black cumin oil is a cure-all, as it can help cure anything from allergies to high blood pressure,

1. Good for cancer prevention

There are many scientific studies linking black cumin oil to the treatment of a variety of cancers, including colon cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, and more.

Some experts also recommend the use of black oil for natural protection against the dangers of radiation used in conjunction with conventional therapies.

2. Prevents type 1 and 2 diabetes

According to an article in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, black cumin oil causes a gradual and partial regeneration of pancreatic beta cells, increases the decrease in serum insulin concentrations, and decreases elevated serum glucose. According to research in mice, this oil can prevent the development of type 1 diabetes and increase the insulin sensitivity of liver cells, which helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

3. Promotes good digestion

As mentioned, Hippocrates himself is said to have used black cumin to improve digestive ailments. The oil is considered to aid digestion and the digestive system in general. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), black cumin oil can be very beneficial, while also relieving other digestive disorders.

4. Helps lose weight

According to a study published in June 2013 in the Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disordersthe oil, being an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, can reduce appetite, improve glucose levels and glucose absorption, leading to the treatment of obesity.

5. Excellent treatment for hair loss

Cleopatra used black cumin to get her beautiful shiny hair. This oil not only strengthens hair but also helps in hair growth and hair loss treatment. These properties are likely based on the antimicrobial compounds and powerful antioxidants that are known to strengthen hair follicles. Because it is anti-inflammatory, it relieves scalp disorders, while fighting infectious and viral infections and lice.

If you suffer from hair loss or baldness, you can apply the oil directly to your scalp, leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse. Another option is to combine it with extra virgin olive oil 1:1 and then massage the affected area.

6. More beautiful skin

Cleopatra was also known for her alabaster skin, and black cumin may have been her secret! This oil is known to inhibit melanin production, heal scars and prevent their formation. At the same time, it soothes eczema and fights inflammation.

7. Fight dangerous infections, like the MRSA virus

Black cumin oil can fight many different bacterial strains, including salmonella, E. coli, listeria, staph, and MRSA, all types of bacteria known to cause dangerous infections.

MRSA, in particular, is a bacterial strain that is very difficult to treat with conventional medicine and actually affects hospitals and clinics around the world because this type of common infection becomes resistant to generic antibiotics due to its excessive use.

Fortunately, this natural oil has the ability to combat it, and its effectiveness has been proven in scientific studies. To use it for this purpose, you can add drops of the oil to a drink, while for skin infections, you can apply it directly to your skin.

8. Promotes Immune System Health

Since black cumin oil contains powerful antioxidants, B vitamins and acids, it strengthens the immune system.

It is especially beneficial for those suffering from autoimmune diseases, because unlike the popular herbs Echinacea and Sambuku, it acts differently by balancing the immune system. It supports immune function without promoting an immune response against healthy tissue in the body.

9. Relieves allergies and asthma

According to some studies, black cumin oil relieves asthma symptoms and, depending on the cause, is sometimes even more effective than conventional treatments. It also relieves allergy symptoms, e.g. Allergic rhinitis accompanied by itching, sneezing, congestion and poor sleep quality.

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